Mrs. McElravy



3-2B Representing Linear Functions

HW: 3-2B Practice


Math 8:

Practice Test (Masterpiece)…students can study using page 70, 71 & 72 and then use the rubrics on page 73 & 74 to check their work.


3-2A Understanding Linear Functions (Ask your student how they can tell if a function is linear?)

HW: Graphing and Simplifying


Math 8:

***ALERT*** Math 8 has homework…Pg 44 #7

Lesson 6: Dilations on the Coordinates (Ask you student what the Fundamental Theorem of Similarity (FTS) is?)

TEST on Friday.

Tomorrow, October 27th is Matchy Match Day (formally known as twin day). If you haven’t organized an outfit with a friend wear blue on the bottom and black on top and your sure to have a match in McElravy’s homeroom.


3-1C Functions

HW: Pg 183 #1-18

Math 8:

Students were given time for retakes

Worked on Lesson 2 Properties of Dilations


Mid-term grades were given to students during their third period class today.

Monday, October 26th starts Spirit Week at Shasta MS…Monday is pajama day! Don’t Forget!


3-1C Functions (Ask your student what set of number would represent the domain for the number of text messages sent…)

HW: Relations and Functions W.S.

Math 8:

Lesson 2: Properties of Dilation  (Ask your student the four steps to creating a dilation…)



3-1C Functions (Ask your student what function notation is…)

Math 8:

Started our new Module 3: Similarity

Lesson 1 What Lies Behind “Same Shape”?

Ask your student what they know about scale factor and center of dilation

I am emailing home a Parent Support: Module Tip Sheet from Eureka math…these can be found at (remember you have to subscribe to access this tool).


3-1C Functions (started notes…ask your student to explain the domain and range of a data set)

Math 8:

Today students took a test that focused on Lessons 12 and 13

They also had the opportunity to retake past assessments

Tomorrow we start Module 3: Similarity!


3-1B Relationships as Graphs

HW: Pg 176 #1-10, 12, 15-19 and 32

Students can retake simplifying expressions in their math 8 class if they are ready


Math 8:

Practice Test (Pg 76 and 77)

Test tomorrow


Spent time reviewing Simplifying Expressions (retake will be Thursday or Friday)


Lesson 13 Angle Sum of a Triangle

Test (& Retakes) on Wednesday (students should study vocabulary on 26 AND Math Problems Pg 33-36 #1, 2, 3 & 9. If you have subscribed to Eureka’s website you can find wonderfully constructed answers that would be great to study at the following link:

Pg 33 #2...Great constructed response to study for Wednesday's test

Pg 33 #2…Great constructed response to study for Wednesday’s test

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