Finish Strong!

The end of the school year is near, but there are still important academic things that need to be finished. Follow the tabs on the top of the page for any resources you might need. Also, feel free to drop by and talk to me or send me an e-mail if you have any questions. Thanks and good luck.

IB Psychology: Reminders for the IA

A complete IA is due Thursday, May 18th.
Your IA is only considered complete if it contains all of the following: Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Introduction, Design, Participants, Materials, Procedures, Results, Discussion, and Appendices.
Also, be sure that the IA is properly formatted (APA) and includes proper citation of your original study or the source which you used to learn about your study. Refer to the blog for assistance on APA formatting and citations.
Finally, you should bring a hard copy to class of what you have completed (even in the event that it’s not 100% done).

IB Psych: Video Tutorials and Quizzes for the Internal Assessment

Before you begin each section of the Internal Assessment, you should watch these videos and take each quiz. You should not watch the videos all at once. Instead, watch the video that covers the section you are about to write. This way it will be fresh in your mind and will help you focus your writing so you can score the maximum amount of points per section.
Your completion of the quizzes is expected and will be entered on Home Access. You will be asked to retake any quizzes that score below proficiency.
Completion of the quizzes in a timely manner is also essential for those who are hoping to resubmit your IA for a better grade.

1) Overview to the IA (The Basics) Video Quiz
2) The Introduction Video Quiz
3) Design Video Quiz
4) Method: PPM Video Quiz
5) Results: Video Quiz
6) Discussion Video Quiz

American Studies: Latest News

At this point, students should have turned in their atomic bomb essays. I am in the process of grading these. If you have not finished it, please do so as soon as possible. If you have questions, talk to me immediately. We have begun our unit on the Cold War. You can access all materials by following this link.

IB Psych: Time to start IA’s!

For the remainder of the year, the focus in IB Psychology 1 will be on how to conduct research in Psychology. Students will have the pleasure of practicing an Internal Assessment (IA). In psychology, this consists of going through the process of conducting an experiment and writing up a full report. Click the IB Psychology tab above to access more information.


It’s the end of the semester, so finish strong in all classes.
See me immediately if you have any questions about grades, finals, or anything else.


The continued snow has postponed the exam scheduled for Wednesday, January 11th. I will have (another) updated calendar in class on Wednesday. While the exact schedule is yet to be determined, I can tell you that it will not be this Friday.