Welcome to 2nd Semester!

American Studies Students: Please access this link for the American Studies website. (It can also be accessed by clicking the American Studies tab on the top of the page.)

IB Psychology 1: Use the tab at the top of the page to access class materials.

IB Psychology – Links to Intelligence Tests

Here are some links to IQ tests for you to explore.

1. Free IQ test . net
2. IQ test . com
3. Emotional Intelligence

After taking the tests, consider the following questions:

How would the designers of these tests define intelligence?
What areas of intelligence were tested? Which were not?
Do you think that there is any significance to the score you received? Why or why not?
Were the tests consistent? Do they leave room for improvement?

IB Psych Exam Retake Process

In order to retake the Nov. 2nd exam, you will need to do the following:
1. Make sure you have completed all prep work since the first exam – the PET Scan Activity, the Brain Quiz (with at least an 80% score), and the google form assignment (from textbook reading).
2. In addition, you will need to prepare outlines for all of the questions. The outline may use bullets, but it should include the key content you would cover and the research you plan to use with a justification of why that research is appropriate to use.
Once you have done these things, show me and we can schedule the retake. The deadline to complete the retake is Dec. 1st.

IB Psychology: Google Form Assignment

This assignment is due by the time you get to class on 10/31.
It covers the textbook (pages 38-48) and some highlights of notes we’ve taken during class.
You may use your book and any of your notes if you want to.
You are allowed one retake of this form if you would like.