5th Grade Information

The Influential Person Wax Museum sadly cannot happen as it has in the past, obviously.  We would still like to recognize the work students were able to accomplish before school closed; so we would love to give students the option to share their costume in a slide show format.  Students may include all or part of their costume, scrapbook, and/or essay in a photo.  Please be sure to include the name of the Influential Person they are representing.

This is completely optional, and will be managed by a group of parents.  If your child has their costume prepared, and would like to share their photo, please email the photo to Beth Martinez:

Beth Martinez:  tatefin09@gmail.com

Please have photos submitted no later than June 1.

Thank you!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

News for May 18, 2020

Weekly Meme Round-Up: Time for a Vacation — ClassTagNever in my wildest dreams did I think I would be composing my blog post/newsletter while trying to help students learn at home.  This has to be the craziest time in my 31 year career in teaching…what a way to end this school year!

This week teachers are being asked to assess student learning.  Of course, we are always doing that in one way or another, but this week we are supposed to see work from each student.  I know many of you have established your own routines, and are working well using your own materials, and some are combining Bethel materials with your own.  Some are using Bethel materials exclusively.  I am flexible!  Use what works for you.

I will just need evidence of learning in math and literacy this week.  Feel free to do Google Classroom assignments and turn in; send pictures or files showing student work; or talk with me during Zoom office hours on Wednesday or Friday this week at 2:00.  Please connect with me on Class Dojo if none of these methods work for you and we will figure it out.

Remember, iReady is a great option for math work, as well as continuing student learning, since the program is set up to teach students new skills.   Last week five students worked in iReady Online from our classroom, and three students really put in a significant amount of time.  If your kiddo hasn’t worked in iReady for a while, now may be the time to put it back in the rotation of activities.  To log in to iReady,  students can access Clever through our classroom blog, under the math tab, or go to the Clever icon underneath the Distance Learning activities on the Bethel Website.  Students will enter bsdstudentnumber for the username, and studentnumber for the password.

Thanks for all you are doing to help your kids learn at home.  I know it isn’t easy, and we are all in different places with this process.  If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Class Dojo is the best way to reach me.

Lara Castillo




News for April 20, 2020

TIME for Kids…Free Online Reading Opportunity

Dear Families,

If you would like a free subscription to  TIME for Kids you can click on the link below and sign up. TIME for Kids is making it free, now, through the end of the school year for all students.  After that, you may have to unsubscribe so you are not charged.

With many kids now being on devices, this is something you may decide is not something for your child, especially if you have books readily available.  This is a good opportunity however,  to focus in on some non-fiction reading.

Time for Kids Free!


News for April 7, 2020

THANK YOU for being patience as we try to figure how best to support ALL families in distance learning.

Apologies for this long post but there is a lot of information to share! Here’s an overview so you can scroll down.

  1. What is happening April 7-10, 2020 ( & Supplemental activities link)
  2. Ways to contact me
  3. Distance Learning
  4. Technology help
  5. Health Center contact
  6. Irving update & video to families

Here is what is happening this week – April 6-10, 2020:

  • The supplemental activities that I called about last week are being mailed home for all elementary & middle families.  Be patient!  They were put in the mail on Monday.
  • Click here for supplemental activities on the Bethel Website.  These are the same activities that will be mailed for many families.
  • If you were needing art materials – those are on the way

I will be calling again this week to:   

  1. Clarify your internet access & devices available at home*
  2. Check-in with students

****There are limited Chromebooks available & help with internet service.

Ways to contact me: As of now, email & ClassDojo works best.   Please contact me if you have any questions or need anything.   I soon will be setting “Office Hours” for times to contact me, but at this time we are on an irregular work schedule, with meetings at various times of the day.  If you contact me, I may not be able to respond immediately, depending on what work is happening at the time.  I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Distance Learning: Details are still being worked out but I would like to start with a class meeting next week so students can check in with each other.

Technology Help: Our district is also available for tech support in English & Spanish – Call– 541-607-1450 – or submit a Help Desk ticket – https://studenthelp.bethel.k12.or.us.

Health Center Contact: 

The Bethel Health Center now offers Telehealth. Access physical and mental healthcare from your computer, phone, or tablet. Call (541) 607-1430 for more information.

El Centro de Salud De Bethel Ahora Ofrece Telesalud. Acceda a la atención salud física y mental desde su computadora, teléfono, tableta. Llame al (541) 607-1430 para más información.

Irving update & video for families: 

The priority is always families and students well-being. Please take care of yourselves and contact me about any questions/concerns.

There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom, Chapters 41-42


Okay, I get a little choked up in these chapters.  We are getting close to the end, and I so want Bradley to stay himself, and not go back to his old ways!

Chapters 41-42

Tomorrow there is a cool opportunity to tune in to Mystery Doug from home!  Here is some information I received from him:

Dear families,
There is going to be a special live science show done by someone named Mystery Doug next Tuesday, April 7th. He’s a science educator kids love. I’d love for you to help your child watch this. All you need to do is open this website link:
The show will be about 20 minutes long and will start at:
10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET
Tuesday, April 7

P.S. Can’t make it live? View the recording at mysteryscience.com/live after the event

Here is a linkt to his website for this event:
Have a great day!  WASH YOUR HANDS!!