mathWe are using Ready Common Core math curriculum this year.  This program will help students progress towards meeting the Common Core State Standards.

Here is a link to information that may be helpful regarding Common Core Standards:

A Parent’s Guide to Common Core

Ready Common Core has an online instruction component that is fantastic!  Students work at their level, learning important math concepts.  Students need to work a minimum of 45 minutes a week in this program to see improvements.  This can be done at home!  We have some time at school devoted to this, but some time invested at home would be invaluable to each student’s math growth.  Here is the page where students login:

iReady Online Instruction

The following website has links that could be helpful in understanding what your child is working on in math.

Parent Help Pages

Door 24 is the fact program through Ready Common Core that increases student achievement through learning math facts.  The program is fun and motivational for students.  It is also thorough and challenging.  Students can use the program anytime, not just at school!  The more time a student spends on this, the faster their facts improve.  Here is the link to more information:

Door 24

Another program we are using is XtraMath.  This program also works on fact fluency, and can be worked on at home.


Very popular with students is the Prodigy game.  This math program is appealing to students, but it does work their math skills!


Please expect math homework every evening, Monday through Friday.  If homework is difficult, don’t panic.  This is new to all of us, and we will work together to be successful!  Homework is an important piece of each student’s learning and success, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.


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