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4 thoughts on “Tour Room 10

  1. I was just visiting the Bethel website… checking out schools, remembering when I lived in Eugene and then I stumbled upon a gem! Mrs. Castillo 🙂 Room 10!!!: You are the luckiest students to have this amazing person as your teacher! She is one of the best people in the world! She nearly saved my life in a soccer game against Churchill keeping those shots away from me. 😉 Treat her well. She is one of the BEST people out there. Hope you all have a great year together. Have fun and happy learning!
    Your new friend,
    Mrs. Engfelt in San Jose, CA

    1. Hi Nola!

      I don’t always see the comments on here, but I just saw yours. You made my day! I am pretty sure you saved me far more than I saved you on the soccer field. Those were good times!
      I am pretty lucky to get to work with this group of 4th graders. An amazing group of kids! Thanks for your comment!

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