Celebrate Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary!

How do you plan to celebrate Earth Day? Here are some ideas you can try!


  • Start a compost in your yard
  • Plant a vegetable garden in the ground or in containers on your patio.
  • Create a piece of art using things found in nature.
  • Pick up litter in your yard or neighborhood.
  • Reuse something instead of throwing it away and buying something new. Ziploc bags used for fruits or veggies can be washed out with soap and water and used again. Old T-shirts can become a braided rug. Yogurt containers with holes poked in the bottom can become pots for starting seeds.
  • Learn more about what can actually be recycled in Lane County- did you know that just because a container has a recycling symbol on it doesn’t mean it can be recycled where you live? Check out the Garbage Guru website to research to find out what can be recycled: https://www.lanecounty.org/cms/one.aspx?pageId=15779129
  • Make the switch to glass and aluminum containers- Did you know that glass and aluminum are almost 100% recyclable, while many plastic containers actually end up in the garbage, even if you recycle them? You can do something as easy as committing to buying food and drinks that come in aluminum cans or glass jars rather than plastic.
  • Learn about the history of Earth Day:

  • Listen to songs about the Earth:
  • Get outside and try a nature scavenger hunt:


Vote For Our Class Party

Room 55 has earned enough points for a class party. Please vote for which type of party and treat you would like.

The party choices include:

Pajamas, Pizza, and Movie: The class will vote on an available movie.

Electronics Party: Bring electronics from home or use a school Chromebook. There is no guest user access to wifi, so you will not be able to connect to wifi with personal devices.

Pajamas, Electronics, and Desk Forts Party: Bring sheets and blankets from home to build forts. Chromebooks DO NOT go inside desk forts.

Extra Recess: Go outdoors to play (or the gym if it’s raining).