Vote For Our Class Party

Room 55 has earned enough points for a class party. Please vote for which type of party and treat you would like.

The party choices include:

Movie/PJ and Stuffed Animals Party: Students can vote on available titles if this party is selected.

Extra Recess Outside: If the weather is not too rainy we can go to the playground. If it’s too rainy, we would have extra recess inside.

Open Gym: You can choose which equipment or activity you want.

Karaoke: sing your favorite, teacher approved, songs with the class.

Paper airplanes/ paper folding: Have a paper airplane contest or do some origami.

Indoor Free Time: Build with blocks, play cards or a board game, draw, etc.

The treat choices include hot cocoa, popcorn, or potato chips.



Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year

The second week of school is well underway and Room 55 is fast becoming a community of learners. Students are becoming familiar with classroom procedures and curriculum. We will continue to work with the Journeys reading and Engage NY/Eureka Math, both Common Core State Standards aligned programs. New this year is the My World social studies program. Also, students will be immersed in collaborative learning and technology with the use of student iPads.

This website is here to provide resources for students and parents. I update it periodically so that it is relevant to our work in the classroom.
Please visit the Student Work page to see what Room 55 students have been up to.

2015 5th Grade Spring Field Trip to the Oregon Coast


I am pleased to announce that the 5th grade at Danebo has received a grant enabling both classes to participate in a Marine Discovery Boat Tour on the Yaquina Bay. The boat tour will take place on our field trip to the Oregon coast on May 15th. PTO has also agreed to pay for buses. This amazing news means that students will only be required to pay for admission to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and everything else is free! Please watch your student’s Tuesday folder for more information to come.

Motion and Design Project

Students designing their own cars.

Students designing their own cars.

In Mrs. Deverell’s science class, we are learning about motion and design. In this unit, students are learning Isaac Newton’s three laws of motions, including how gravity and friction affect motion, as well as related vocabulary. Students are working in groups of 2-4 and experimenting with K’nex cars they built themselves. As they progress, they are keeping a Motion and Design Science Journal to show their results along with way. They are experiencing hands-on learning while enhancing their ability to work with others as a team.

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Welcome Back!

That bittersweet time of year is here again… I am melancholy about the end of the carefree days of summer, yet filled with anticipation of the year to come. My mind starts to race and I brainstorm ideas for teaching lessons, ponder potential field trips, look forward to new technology, and wonder what my students will be like.

Once again, my homeroom will consist of a blend of 4th and 5th graders. I’d like to welcome Mrs. Boulanger as our facilitating teacher this year. She will replace Mrs. Greenamyer who is replacing Mrs. List. I will teach 5th grade reading, writing, and math in the mornings, while my 4th grade students will be taught those subjects by Mrs. Boulanger.

There are some exciting things happening with technology this year. Thanks to a donation from a company contracted by Smart Technologies, I will be one of only two elementary teachers in the district to have a Smartboard. The Oregon Education Association approved a grant for me to purchase and iPad that will allow me to create instructional videos that are tailored specifically to our math lessons and to use Apps for instruction in the classroom.  Hand-me-down laptops from the ESD that have been souped up with Windows 7 software are now available for student use. Also, thanks to the bond measure that passed this year, Bethel schools will start receiving new computers after winter break.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love field trips! We already have our first field trip to Mt. Pisgah in the works. Keep and eye on your student’s Tuesday folder and my blog for updates on dates and times.

Home Access Center is a fantastic resource for parents and students to check progress and homework completion. Parents new to HAC will want to read the Home Access Center page on the Bethel website. If you have trouble finding your user name and password, contact the main office at Danebo for that information. I believe that communication is the key to student success so please feel free to contact me with questions or information regarding your student.

Establishing Good Study Habits

Monday marked the start of our final trimester of the school year. This gives students an opportunity to make a fresh start and it is also a great time to work on establishing study habits that will help them to be successful the following year. Our class brainstormed some ideas on how they can be successful:

Manage your time: don’t wait until the last minute

Go back and check your work and/or have an adult look it over for mistakes.

Take notes and look back at them when completing assignments.

Read the directions.

Exercise or relax for a while before doing homework.

Eat a snack/dinner before homework.

Be prepared with the materials you need to get the job done.

Have a routine- do homework at the same time every day if possible.

Use reminders such as an alarm clock, cell phone notifications, or notes.

Work where you can focus.

Use your assignment sheet to keep track of assignments.

The class also discussed the grading system for 4th and 5th grade and how assignments contribute to their grades. Intermediate students receive letter grades that are based on points earned out of points received.  Students and parents are encouraged to keep track of assignments on Home Access Center. In general, students are permitted to hand in late work or redo assignments for a better grade so please speak to the teacher if work needs to be made up.