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Dear Third Grade Parents,

This year I will be using an app called “Class Dojo” for behavior management. The app is really fun for the kids because it encourages them to work hard for points based on their behavior. Last year, I received great feedback on it from my students and their parents. On a daily basis, students get to earn points by doing positive behaviors like doing their work, being a good listener and being helpful etc. They lose points when they show negative behavior such as not doing their work or not following directions etc.

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I greatly value that the app is a great resource for parents as it comes with parent codes that allow you to log in and check on how your student’s day went with the click of a button. Once you set up an account you can check on your child through the Class Dojo website ( or the app for parents. Our school community found this app to be so beneficial last year that many Prairie Mountain teachers are now using it.

I will be using Class Dojo for classroom management as well as communication home to families. Class dojo allows me to communicate with you about your child’s behavior as well as post pictures and share what we are doing in class. The FREE app is available on any smart device or you can use to login.

When you use it, you will see a daily report that will tell you what percentage of the day I class dojocaught them for positive and negative behaviors. It even breaks down the times that I caught them doing each behavior. The kids know about the reports and are supposed to be trying to work towards a “mostly green report” or pie chart meaning they did a lot of fantastic work. However, I don’t want you to be alarmed if you see some red for some negative points. If I am concerned about a specific behavior, I will contact you to discuss further ways to best support the student. I will also send home a monthly report in Tuesday folders.

I know your children will be thrilled to show off their hard work and points! I hope you find it to be a helpful resource for you as a parent to be informed. Please check on your student’s growth at home, Class Dojo will update you on each point that your student receives both positive and negative and what he/she is doing and learning throughout the day.  I want you to look at patterns in the overall pie chart and set goals with your student rather than focusing each positive and negative point on their screen. The kids are all working for high scores and “green reports” (pie charts). I will be rewarding them with various incentives based on their point value.

Class Dojo will be an excellent resource for us both to begin noticing behavior issues early on in hopes of preventing major problems. I would really appreciate it if parents would partner with me on this system and talk with your children about issues you are frequently seeing them being re-directed for. Also, please praise or reward your children when they have great days! They love to impress you most of all!

If you have a question about something you see on Class Dojo or another concern, feel free to message me through the app, email me, or call me at school.

Parent Communication

class storyI will use Dojo as my primary day-to-day method of communication with you. I will be sending class messages through the app similar to group emails about homework and various day-to-day updates. I will also post classroom photos and information via “class story” on the app. You can also send private messages back and forth to me via the app.

Thank you in advance for all of your support and teamwork with your child at home this year!

To learn more about Class Dojo check out these great introduction videos below:

Class Dojo

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Class Dojo for Students

Class Dojo is private for students and families


Miss Jenson