Homework Corner

Homework is an opportunity for students to practice skills they are learning in class. All skills that are practiced through homework have been taught and practiced during class time. Homework also cultivates responsibility in students, teaching them to complete and return homework in a timely matter.

Your involvement in your student’s education is important for their growth. I appreciate the time you take with your student to engage with them at home the skills they are learning in class. Thank you for helping teach your child to be responsible for his/her homework.

Homework Schedule

Every Monday students will bring home weekly math homework and daily spelling practice. Each spelling page of homework is due the following day and the spelling test will be every Friday. Students are expected to complete 1 row of math problems each night and have the 1 page form completed and turned in on Friday. It is recommended that third graders read 15-20 minutes a day 5-6 times a week. Read at home (RAH) forms will be picked up every Tuesday and are due the following Tuesday. Minutes will be recorded and students can earn rewards based on the minutes they read each trimester. There will be no homework over the weekend.

Homework Policy

Spelling homework is due Tuesday-Friday and math homework is due on Friday. If a student did not complete homework the previous night, they have the option to complete it during morning recess time.  The RAH form is due every Tuesday. There will be a “Hard Worker Award” every Friday afternoon. If students have completed and turned in all of their homework they earn the hard worker award and can participate in the activity. If they have missing work they will complete it during the hard worker activity. It is the responsibility of the student to pick up and turn in homework every day. Their green homework folder will go from home to school daily to transport homework.


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