Ready Math

Our new math curriculum has some videos that are both informative and interactive that we use in class but can also be used at home on a PC desktop or laptop computer.  Students seem to find them engaging and they are another way for students to practice math skills. They’re also great for parents to see and learn what we’re doing in math. Please view current and prior lessons for students to view and practice at home. If your child does a video or two at home, they do not need to complete the math homework for the evening.

Multiply by 0 and 1

Multiply by 2

Multiply by 3

Multiply by 4

Multiply by 5

Multiply by 2, 3, 4

Lesson 1 Video 1

Lesson 1 Video 2

Lesson 2 Video 1 

Lesson 2 Video 2 

Lesson 3 

Lesson 4 Video 1

Lesson 4 Video 2 

Lesson 4 Video 3 

Lesson 9