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1st round action in Quad 3

A record 38 players played at Willamette High on April 23rd including 12 first time quad participants. Several players used the quads as their final qualifier for the OSCF Championship in Seaside on May 5-6. The top two quads were USCF rated.  The quads were very balanced with two of the quads (#3 and 5) having just 1 point separating the top of the field from the bottom.

April winners getting free admission (or half price for ties) to the next quad are: Q1: Owen McCoy, Q2: Cody Webb, Q3: tie JJ Thomas and Brian Schartz, Q4: Joe Doerr, Q5: Bryce Newell, Q6: Samuel Herford, Q7: Valen Wilcox, Q8: Leland Newell and Q9: Sheldon Van Enk.

Results from the April Quads:
NWSRS results   USCF results

1st round action in Quad 8

The next Bethel Quads are on Sunday, May 21st from 1:30 to 4:30.  Just $10 to enter with the winner of each quad getting $10 and free admission to the next Bethel Quad.  Remember if a quad chooses a longer time control, it will likely run later than 4:30.  All quads are OSCF qualifiers and will be NWSRS rated.  Quads also USCF rated if all members in a quad are USCF members.  Send an email to mike.myers@bethel.k12.or.us to reserve a spot. Onsite registration between 12:30 – 1:15.

Click link for details on next month’s quad: Bethel Quads flyer