May 2018
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14 players competed at Willamette High School in April.  Two traditional quads sandwiched a swiss six in the middle this time.  Steven Van Enk helped balance the odd number by joining and winning the top quad.  The other quad winner was Elliot Miller.  After three months of sharing the top spot, Ben Kurtz finally went 3-0 to win the swiss six section.  Ben now has a streak of five quads in a row of finishing first or tied for first.  Detailed results from the April Quads can be found at: NWSRS results

The next quads are on May 20th from 1:30 to 4:30. Just $10 to enter with the winner of each quad getting $10 and free admission to the next Bethel Quad. Remember if a quad chooses a longer time control, it will likely run later than 4:30. All quads are OSCF qualifiers and will be NWSRS rated.

Quads also USCF rated if all members in a quad are USCF members. Send an email to to reserve a spot. Onsite registration between 12:30 – 1:15.

The last quads of the school year will be on June 10th.  Click link for more details on this month’s quad: Bethel Quads flyer

Final round of Quad 2 in its opening moves

Quad 1 action with Swiss 6 in the background



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