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January 2021
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Ch 8 Statistics

EQ: How can plots help you visualize statistics?

Stem and Leaf Plots and Box Plots

Prep work: p378 (5) and p406 (1-6)

Ch 7 Retake assignment: Ch Review p.358 (31-40) and Ch Test p.358-359 (5-27)
Complete retesting by 1/17.












18 players came together in 3 quads and a swiss 6 on December 15th.  The winners were: Kael Rodine and Hughel Story (2-way tied in Quad 4); Sam Farley (Quad 3/Swiss 6); Troy Amburn and Brandon Young (2-way tied in Quad 2) and Will Ravn earned the only perfect 3.0 score of the day in Quad 1.

Complete results from the December’s Quads can be found at: NWSRS results

All quads are OSCF qualifiers and NWSRS rated. Quads are also USCF rated when all members of a quad are USCF members.

The next quad is coming up on January 12th from 1:30 to 4:30. Just $10 to enter with the winner of each quad getting $10 and free admission to the next Bethel Quad. Remember if a quad chooses a longer time control, it will likely run later than 4:30.

Send an email to to reserve a spot. Onsite registration between 12:30 – 1:15.

Click this link for more details on this month’s quad: BethelQuads-flyer

Future quads dates: Feb. 9, Mar. 8, Apr. 5, May 3 and Jun. 7

Don’t forget about the Corvallis Winter Open on Jan. 18th.  It’s an all ages event including an OSU vs. UO Civil War chess match!  Deadline to register is Jan. 15th.  For more tournament details:  click here