We are going to use Bethel Google Docs and Google Classroom for online sharing of information, writing responses, checking out equipment and much more. It is run by Google but our domain is owned by the Bethel School District.

We also use Khan Academy for a few classes. If you do not have your own email to sign up for Khan Academy, please ask and an account will be created for you.

Use the link below.

Bethel Google Account Link

Your Username is

Your Password is whsstudentid#

Example: Student Name: Eddy Fredricks, Student Id: 12345

Username: Password: whs12345

Google Classroom & Khan Academy

Each class period has a Google Classroom and some have a Khan Academy class to join. To join Google Classroom go to and enter the class code for your section. To join Khan Academy go to and enter the code for your section.

Period 1 – Personal Finance – Google Classroom Code: c75mkn

Period 2 – Personal Finance – Google Classroom Code: c4wdkt

Period 3 – ELA 9 – Google Classroom Code: ev7c5xq

Period 5 – Video Game Design – Google Classroom Code: ebzy4b1

Period 5 – Video Game Development – Google Classroom Code: 4oaydwv

Period 7 – Web Design 1 – Google Classroom Code: hncjae

Period 7 – Web Design 2 – Google Classroom Code: kzaxr1

Period 8 – Multimedia 1 – Google Classroom Code: y7ncln ; Khan Academy Code: YR583E

Period 8 – Multimedia 2 – Google Classroom Code: hwon9y

Period 8 – Multimedia Advanced – Google Classroom Code: dc8wl5

Independent Study – Google Classroom Code: iyca5r



Home Access Center

Username: StudentID + First Initial + Last Intial + lastname (ie: 123456hsmith)

Password: StudentID + Birthday{8 digits} (ie: 12345607112001)

Bethel Wifi

Username: BSD{all caps} + StudentID (ie: BSD123456)

Password: First Inital{cap} + Last Initial{cap} + StudentID (ie: JS123456)





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