Flash is just another of the very powerful tools that Adobe makes and we have available in CS6. We will only be scratching the surface of using Flash since this is also another of our topics that could be covered in a whole series of college classes. I never used Flash before this year. So I am learning this very cool program right alongside you all! I hope you have as much fun with it as I do.


This is the video we are using in our first motion tween activity with Flash.

Basic starter video. Not by me, but short and sweet with tons of info packed in.


Here we go onto the next level with the instructor from the Psy video above. You can use this technique on the dancers and get them moving more and more on the dance floor!


Pic of Psy you can use to animate like the above tutorials – http://www.googida.com/art4ever/a0130/a19.png

Space Scene

Go Here for a Tutorial on How to Make a Space Scene in Flash. The folder contains a Photoshop file to download and use for the animation portion. There is a .mov that is an example of a finished product.



Flying Text

This site has tons of good projects with step-by-step instructions. Not all the links work perfectly. Do the flying text tutorial about half way down the page first. This is useful stuff for making animated titles!


Onion Skin

Another great technique for animating is using the Onion Skin technique in Flash. Look up tutorials or use the one below to create an Onion Skin animation.

Layers and Frame by Frame

A little fast and complex, but good techniques for building additional skills and working with layers in Flash.


Extend your learning:

Go Here for A Basic Overview Lesson for Flash


Here is a folder full of great beginner tutorials.


And More:


And some more!







Pic of Psy you can use to animate like the above tutorials – http://www.googida.com/art4ever/a0130/a19.png




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