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Hi Multimedia Students! Motion Graphics class is moving forward into animating with computer drawings. One of the best computer drawing software titles is Illustrator and we are lucky enough to have it as part of our Adobe CS6 collection. It should be on your dock, so do some watching; do some practice; do a little more watching; do some more practice. Right now we are going to just play around with Illustrator. The real goal initially is to get familiar with the interface, find a set up that works, and learn the difference between the basic drawing tools. Please be prepared to answer the following questions.

  • What is the difference between the kind of images that Photoshop and Illustrator make?
  • What is the difference between the pen tool, pencil tool, and paintbrush?
  • How do you make sure that your image can fit on a movie screen?
  • How can you save an image that we can open in iMovie?
  • Name two different ways to set up your tools and palettes.

Anything extra that you learn along the way will be super helpful. We will be using other titles in the CS6 collection, but please stick with Illustrator for right now. When you can show that you have a grasp on the depth and complexity of the above questions, you can start on the bouncing ball. Please check with me before you do so. There are some significant specifics for getting started.

One of the best tutorials available. Good overview. Take the time to absorb it.


This guy flubs it up a lot, but moves really quickly through some advanced features.


Watch out. She is a little energetic, but she does great work and her tutorials are very fast paced.


Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts – Useful!




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