Day In the Life

Plan a video titled “A Day in the Life of……”. Fill in the blank with an inanimate object of some sort that you have with you today (shoe, pencil, book, phone, etc.). Create a storyboard of your plan. Use actual camera shot names from this link: . Do not take very long making your plan. 20-30 minutes should be plenty. Your final video should be no longer than one minute long and include at least ten different camera shots.

  1. Name Video “A Day in the Life of __________”.
  2. Create a storyboard.
  3. Plan a one minute final product.
  4. Name Camera Shots – use ten different ones.
  5. Send a team member to check out camera using check out sheet.
  6. Familiarize your team with camera.
  7. Take less than 15 minutes to film your video.
  8. Be sure to place battery on proper charger. Check the + and – between battery and charger.
  9. Upload video to computer. Return empty memory card to Mr. Symonds.
  10. Edit in iMovie
  11. Share using your Bethel Docs account and Google Drive

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