Final Projects – 3 to 5 Minute Films

The Final Project in Multimedia Arts is a narrative movie plan for a 3-5 minute movie. Please start with the plot for your movie and work through the planning stages in order. If you do not have an original idea for your plot, please adapt an existing plot from a fairy tale, book, movie, short story etc. We want to avoid spending class time brainstorming ideas. Please ask for help if you are stuck. Use the links below to find resources.

Your movie must be doable within the constraints of people, settings, costumes, props etc. We would like to film most of these at school and therefore lavish sets are not going to be available. We do not have access to any costumes or additional props so either plan on making or bringing them or simplifying your production. Experience has shown that you cannot necessarily count on your friends to act in your movies. Plan on making them here with who we have. We can respectfully recruit some students from study halls as long as they are caught up on their classwork.

Tone down all violence to campy or tame levels. Use alternates for weapons like wiffle ball bats for swords, bananas for guns etc. Blood is out of bounds, but I have seen someone use a string of red handkerchiefs effectively. Off-screen violence is encouraged and works with your audiences imagination more too. Ask for helping getting creative with this element.

Keep an eye out for bias. If there is a question about what is appropriate, please ask.

All first semester students complete a plan for a 3 to 5 minute movie as their final. This plan covers most of what we have covered in the film unit. Please make a folder in your Bethel Docs and load all the pieces of the 3 to 5 minute film into that folder. This folder organization will help you upload your documents to Google Classroom Later.

Please take these in order as each piece is intended to help you develop the following piece. If you are a more visual person do the storyboard first, if you are more verbal, do the script.


  • 1. Plot Outline
  • 2. Character Maps
  • 3/4. Storyboard
  • 3/4. Script
  • 5. Scouting Report

1. Plot Outline – Use the plot outline template from Google Docs we used in class. It is available on the Plot Structure Page on this website. Don’t spend too much time thinking up a plot. Please use an existing idea or adapt a story that already exists. We are not able to give class time to brainstorming ideas. The time we have is dedicated to developing the pieces of the film plan. Ask for help if this is a stuck point! Use these resources as a guide. Some students may be able to expand their mini-movie ideas into a 3-5 minute movie. Add the Google Drawing to your folder.

Writer’s Digest Prompts

Creative Writing Now

More Great Prompts

Basic Plots of Literature


2.Character Maps – Make maps for each main character. At least two will be required. The page on Character Maps will be essential to help you finish. Use the character map template from Google Drawings and fill in 3 bullet points for each bubble. Add Google Drawing to your folder.

3. Storyboard – Use the storyboard templates to have a visual representation and list of all shots needed to complete the film. Storyboarding resources are available on the Vocabulary of Film page. Make sure each shot has the name of the shot (abbreviations OK), camera angles, and equipment used for the shot. Upload a photo pic or scan of your storyboard. Add an Image in your folder.

4. Script – A 3 to 5 minute movie needs about three to five pages of script minimum. See the Screenwriting page for help. Download a pdf from to save in your folder. A completed title page is required. Make sure it has been peer edited (2 classmates) before submitting. Add a PDF file in your folder.

5. Scouting Report – This is a written report that gives all the logistic details of our locations. Where are the outlets for lighting? Do you need a student to keep people from walking through the set? Will you need someone with a reflector to soften shadows? How many people on your crew? What camera equipment? Try and think of everything that might come up. Please make a Google Document with this information and add to the folder.

Save things in your folder until they are ready to add and upload to the assignment. Make sure you have all 5 pieces before handing in.



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