FCPX – Editing, Adv. Edits

The second set of topics in Final Cut Pro X involve actually working with clips in the timeline and event views.


  1. Creating a project
  2. Keyboard shortcuts in Final Cut Pro X
  3. Marking ranges in clips
  4. Adding and rearranging clips within a primary storyline
  5. Ripple, Roll, and Slip trimming clips
  6. Using the Blade tool, replacing with a gap clip, ripple deleting, and joining through edit
  7. Performing connect edits
  8. Creating and editing in a connected storyline
  9. Adjusting audio levels
  10. Sharing the project to a media file


Advanced Editing – Topic 3

  1. Rippling and Rolling Deletes
  2. Advanced Trimming
  3. Keyboard Trimming
  4. Trim using Time
  5. Precision Editor
  6. Create and Edit Auditions
  7. Copy effects to Auditions
  8. Switch and Select Auditions
  9. Create and Edit Secondary Storylines
  10. Create and Edit Compound Clips


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