FCPX Import and Organize

Managing Media in Final Cut Pro X

Cover the following points as you create your first two projects in FCPX.

Points to Cover

  1. Importing media to FCPX
  2. Import settings
  3. Importing from a camera
  4. Importing from a memory device
  5. Importing from a file folder
  6. Recording a live video
  7. Managing Libraries
  8. Managing Events
  9. Using Keywords
  10. Marking Clips in Event and Timeline
  11. Managing the Browser Window
  12. Managing metadata information within clips


Find YouTube tutorials on each of these subjects and plan on using all these topics as you create new videos. Practice each topic enough times to feel that these are automatic tasks. By creating this familiarity with the software, your creativity will be much more free to flow in your creations.

Learning Targets:

I can manage the media I am importing into FCPX with changes to settings, keywords, markers, and metadata. I can create and complete projects using FCPX. I can keep my own media well managed within computer folders and in Final Cut Pro X.

Power Standards:

Technical and Production Skills

Craftsmanship and Presentation

Creativity and Critical Thinking, Process and Theory

Workplace Readiness

Link to Video Series on FCPX (You can find tons of tutorials that are less boring, but these are really thorough)

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