Game Design Challenges

Skill building toward tools that help design fun, engaging, complex video games.


Animate a Sprite – Take a sprite that already exists or create a new one and animate two or several different costumes. It can be a simple bug with wings up and bug with wings down or a complex character that runs across the screen. This is an easy challenge in Scratch, and an intermediate challenge in Javascript and Python.


Make a Magic 8 Ball – A Magic 8 Ball toy gives a response to a yes or no question with one of 20 different responses. How do you randomize responses so that the 2 sided die inside the 8 Ball is simulated in your program? Can you add a visual that simulates the shaking of the ball? Do you get creative with the way something moves?


Make a Dice Roll – Try this one with several different methods. It is super easy with some resources and a real coding challenge with others.


Rube Goldberg Device – This challenge works with sequencing, repetition, and conditions. Timing is key to make one action trigger the next at the right moment. See if you can make it travel across several screens. Keep the devices plausible in the real world and try for multiple triggered devices per screen.


Take an Existing Game and Design an Iteration – Change something drastically in the game. Change the gender of a main character, take a resource that is unlimited and make it limited or vice versa, put the whole thing in a different world, kill or add a rule, or chose another characteristic that would change. What is the ripple effect of the change you made and how many characteristics of the game will change in response?


Turn a Book/Play Into a Game – It is a common crossover between action movies and video games. How about a piece of literature? Hamlet The Video Game – Overcome ghosts and skulls. Try to figure out which of your friends is on your side. Avoid drowning as you sword fight your way to save your Mother’s honor and your family name.