This Page is Dedicated to Links to Game Making/Coding Programs and Resources


Any time you want to design a video game, a website, or a computer program, you should have a design in mind. The pre-planning phase of any of these projects will help you keep the scope of your project doable within the constraints of time and technology. And pre-planning also gives you a visual roadmap to follow when you get into the code.

Game Theory – There are four cornerstones of game design that will help you keep the design fun, interesting, playable, and engaging. They are the four O’s – Object, Operation, Obstacles and Outcome. Use these four things when designing your game and your pre-plan will be more complete.


Scratch is a great beginners program and allows you to make easy stories, games, and animations. The concepts learned in scratch apply to all programming languages. Perfect for the first timer and quick game designer, this program can be used from 3rd grade through High School. Online and offline versions available.

Play my code is an online game builder that is great for coding beginners. Although it is in a Ruby like language called Quby, it will be a great next step above drag & drop programming like Scratch.

Similar to Scratch, Stencyl is drag and drop programming in a more complex interface. No coding is required to make really cool games.¬†Cross-Platform. Very cool. Great for the high-concept thinker who doesn’t want to learn a programming language.

Gamemaker is the favorite among WHS Gaming club members and many others. A little more complexity gives you more flexibility to customize your game. The free version is limited.

Code Avengers is a great site for learning to code and create simple games. HTML & CSS and Javascript classes available for free.

Code Academy is a more advanced site that expands learning opportunities with free coding resources.

Advanced coders and game makers rave about Unity and the ability to create virtual worlds, 3D games and add level after level of complexity. Advanced only. Check system compatibility. Free.

For the future erudite game designer, there are several free college level courses in game design and theory.

Gimp is a free and open source image editor. Many game designers use Gimp to create assets for their video games.

Free 3D rendering/artwork/animation program. Make assets for your 3D video games.