Happy Holidays!

We wish you all a safe, healthy and happy Winter Break. See you next year:)

The 6th Grade  Team

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Student Led Conferences December 6th and 7th, 2017


We will be sending home Student Led Conference invite cards this week. Student Led Conferences will take place from 3-8pm on Wednesday, December 6 and from 1-8pm on Thursday, December 7. Each card will have a specific time allocated just for you and your family. We are requesting that all students attend their conference. Please check the time and let us know if you have a conflict so that we can make arrangements to reschedule you.

Best wishes,

The 6th Grade Team

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a warm and happy Thanksgiving! The end of the term is nigh, so please consider using some of your extra time to catch up on projects or work that needs to be completed before November 30. The last day for late work to be accepted is November 27.

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Salmon Watch 2017

Salmon Watch will take place at Whiteaker Creek near Mapleton. Mrs. Waters’ and Ms. Campbell’s homerooms will be going November 8 and Ms. Jessie’s homeroom, November 9th. Because we go on this field trip rain or shine, please make sure that you dress warmly, in layers. Boots are highly recommended.

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Student Led Conferences

Dear Middle School Parents/ Guardians,

This year we will be conducting student-led conferences December 6th and 7th, 2017.  This is an exciting opportunity for students to facilitate their fall conference after completing a Student-Led Conference Form.  Our goal is to allow students to discuss their strengths, successes, contributions, and areas needing improvement.

The students will be using their evaluation forms in order to guide their conference.  We are confident that the format of these conferences will encourage each student to take ownership over their education, which will enhance student motivation and achievement.

In the past, we met with one family at a time in our classroom.  This format made it difficult for parents to meet with and discuss classes with other teachers.  Student-led conferences will give parents and students the opportunity to meet with multiple teachers if they would like. To allow this, sixth grade students and parents will be meeting in the Art Room while seventh and eighth grade families meet in the South Gym.

At your conference, you and your son/daughter will find your homeroom teacher to get your child’s portfolio.  In their portfolio will be the Student-Led Conference Form, report card, and examples of work for each class.  You and your child will find a seat and go over their work.  We will have spent time during classes to make sure each student is prepared to discuss all parts of their portfolio with you.  Once your student has finished discussing their classes with you, you are welcome to conference with any of your student’s teachers.

We are thrilled about this student-centered learning opportunity.  Thank you for taking part in this experience.  We look forward to meeting with you.


The Middle School Team

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Mindfulness at 6th Grade

This year Meadow View 6th graders have the opportunity to learn mindfulness exercises. Mindfulness involves the practice of “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose and in the present moment”. Meadow View has partnered with Craig Steinberg, a psychologist in Eugene who has been providing therapy services at our school for the past three years and has over twenty years of clinical experience working with children. He will work with each 6th grade class for 15-minutes a week teaching strategies to increase self-regulation, manage stress and sustain attention.

Mindfulness can benefit students’ focus by increasing self-regulation, and helping the mind and body to manage stress more effectively. The emergence of this skill set is a core goal of social–emotional learning. Regular practice of mindfulness exercises strengthens students’ capacity to self-regulate attention, by developing attentional control through repeated and intentional focusing, sustaining, and shifting of attention.

The growing body of research on mindfulness in schools reports the following list of core benefits:

  • Better focus and concentration
  • Increased sense of calm
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved impulse control
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Skillful responses to difficult emotions
  • Increased empathy and understanding
  • Development conflict resolution skills

Mindfulness practices will be taught in a whole class setting for 16-weeks. Each week, students will participate in a 15-minute session learning and practicing mindfulness strategies. Dr. Steinberg is certified through the Mindful Schools program based out of Oakland, California, to teach their K-12 Mindful Group Curriculum. The 16-week program will engage children in lessons including mindfulness of sound, breath, body, emotions, test taking, generosity, appreciation, kindness and caring, and others.

If you have questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher or email Craig Steinburg at


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Fall Midterms are Upon Us!


Fall midterms will be calculated at the end of this week. Students who are earning Ds and Fs will still have time to improve their grade by the end of the term. Please make sure you are regularly checking Home Access so that you can stay on top of your assignments!

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Curriculum Night

6th Grade Curriculum Night will be on September 26, 2017 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Please make sure that you attend this very important evening! Much information is given out in regard to curriculum as well as grading practices, Home Access, etc.

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Welcome to 6th Grade!

Dear 6th Grade Families,

We are delighted to welcome you to middle school and are looking forward to meeting you all at Meet the Teacher, August 30, 5pm. Students will be assigned their lockers and will   have an opportunity to practice opening them!

Curriculum Night will be held on September 26, 2017. Please make sure you are able to attend as important information regarding curriculum, grading, communication, etc. will be shared out at that time.


The 6th Grade Team (Campbell, Jessie, and Waters)

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Thank You and Happy Summer

We just want to take a moment to say thanks to all of you for your hard work this year. 6th grade is not for the feint of heart and we are proud of the efforts you put forth this year. We wish you all a safe, relaxing and happy summer.

Amy, Carly and Sarah

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