Student-Led Conferences!

Dear Middle School Families,

We are looking forward to conferences this week. Conferences are on Wednesday, December 5th and Thursday, December 6th. We are holding student-led conferences for grades 6-8. Students have prepared folders with work samples and information to share with you about each of their classes. During the conference, your child will share their portfolio of work. After reviewing your child’s report card, learning about classes and reviewing work samples, you and your child can choose to meet with individual teachers. You may decide that you want to meet with one teacher or multiple teachers within your 20 min time slot. The goal of student-led conferences is for students to take the lead on their learning and to share their strengths and areas for growth. We are very excited for this structured conference opportunity and to empower our students to invest in their learning.

Thank you for your continued support of your child and for collaborating with us to enhance their educational experience.

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