Meadow View Earth Day!

Hey MV families! Earth Day is this Wednesday and since we can’t be together to celebrate we thought we’d team up with National Geographic and create a neighborhood safari!

Here’s how it works:

Create a scene starring your children’s favorite animals. Let their imaginations go wild (sorry—we had to say it) with sidewalk chalk sketches, original drawings or artwork, or these animal coloring pages. You can inspire younger children with these fun critter facts, or show older kids Nat Geo’s encyclopedia of animals. All of our K-8 students can join in on the fun.

Then show off your family’s creation to the community on Earth Day THIS WEDNESDAY: hung from your house’s window, attached to your apartment balcony, taped to the roadside mailbox … wherever your family lives. Invite other families to join by hanging their art so everyone can take their own safaris—while practicing social distancing, of course—and spot different animals all over the neighborhood. The goal is that as you walk with your children around your Meadow View neighborhood, they’ll see how amazing the world is—AND if you’re walking around the Meadow View building, you MIGHT spot a few animals in the school windows, too!

Here is the link to Nat. Geo’s Neighborhood Safari site.

There’s lots of other ways to celebrate Earth Day, too! Think about starting a recycling routine or compost bin at your home. Check out this website for more Earth Day ideas!

Have a great Earth Day, MV, and enjoy your safari!


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