September 2020

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We spent a great two days out at Whittaker Creek.  Thank you parent volunteers for your time.  We couldn’t  have done it without you.​



The Salmon Watch field trip is coming in November!  Waters’ and Jessie’s classes will go on November 13th and Campbell’s class will go on November 14th.  This is an all-day field trip.  Look for permission slips to come home this Thursday, October 24th.  Parent volunteers are needed and greatly appreciated.

salmon watch permission slip


Students scientists engineering ideas for erosion control on their river models.

The 3D water molecules were fantastic this year!   Here are a few examples…..

The 3D water molecules were fantastic this year!   Here are a few examples…..


Reminder: there is a quiz this Friday (9/ 27) on the natural water cycle.  Please encourage your child to share what they are learning and to study what they haven’t yet mastered.


3-D Model of a Water Molecule


Due Wednesday 9/19/19

You can draw a water molecule, now take that knowledge and create a 3-D version.  You will need something that can represent the atoms and something to link or bond the atoms together (toothpicks would work, for example).  Remember that atoms of different elements (like Oxygen and Hydrogen) should be represented by different things or the same thing but in  a different color.

The water molecule should be displayed in some fashion. It can be simple like attaching it to a piece of cardboard (raid the recycling bin at home for cereal or cracker boxes).  On a 3X5 notecard, explain how your model represents a water molecule.  Also include your first and last name along with the class period that you have science.

You will be graded on:

How accurately your model depicts a water molecule. 20 points

Neatness and Creativity. 10 points

Have fun!

Anyone looking for an extra challenge can make more than one water molecule  and display how they attach to each other.  Note: water molecule to water molecule has a different type of bond (it’s a hydrogen bond) so you should use a different type of connector.  If you used toothpicks connecting the atoms than use something else to connect the molecules.  Don’t forget that water molecules have polarity.  Look in your notes and be sure you know what is positive and what is negative.




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