April 30, 2015

After reading “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane, you were assigned a number (or numbers). This number corresponds to a numbered section in the story. Your task is to write a ONE sentence summary of your assigned section (or sections). Add your summary to this document:

“The Open Boat” Summary

After you finish your summary, use the following links to work on grammar practice in advance of Tuesday’s Test. A brief description is given for each site to help you choose which one you want to work with and how to navigate it:

This first is from the learning blog at the New York Times. This link contains multiple blog-style entries, each one with a different piece of editing practice. The advantage to this site is that everything you edit is in context; the correct answers shown are from actual pieces published in the New York Times. Another advantage is that you get immediate feedback for your answers after you choose a selection. The disadvantages are that you cannot target your practice to help with specific skills, and that after the first few entries, the others have to be clicked on in order to open them.

This next site, from Education World, has a ton of practice working with a variety of edits in actual paragraphs–more like the format of the test.  When you click on the link, you will see a long list of paragraph topics on the left hand size. Choose them one by one. When they open, you will see a paragraph that needs correcting and the highlighted answers just underneath. Quickly scroll the page down so that the answers are covered. Read the paragraph and identify as many errors as you can and then compare it to the answers. The advantage to this site is that, format-wise, it is similar to the test. Each paragraph contains a variety of errors for giving lots of practice. The disadvantage is that answers are easily accessed and not hidden so it is easy to peek before you have really tried.

The last reference site is an excellent source for targeted practice. This link starts you in sentence editing, but I also encourage you to check out the paragraph edit button from the top of the screen. If you want more practice in various topics, choose different buttons, read through the tutorials and then do the practice. This site’s advantages include the targeted nature of the practice, helpful tutorials before you practice, immediate and specific feedback on your answers and ease of navigation. The only disadvantage here is that it is hard to find practice that mixes many different grammatical problems together, which is more what the test will look like.

You should spend at least 20 minutes going through various practice problems.

Review the presentation, or your notes, from April 14. Write one multiple-choice style test question related to our short story unit or to passage editing and leave it in the comment section below. Mrs. Petersen will use these entries to write a Kahoot quiz, which we will take in the last ten minutes of class.


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36 Responses to April 30, 2015

  1. Bailey Lincoln Bates says:

    The story opens up on a tiny boat, in a sea of gray waves, where a man labeled as “the cook” is emptying water from the floor.

  2. Kira jones says:

    Which one of the men didn’t make it to shore?

  3. Amber Rife says:

    Who was hurt in the story ” The open book”?
    A) The cook
    B) The correspondent
    C)The captain
    D) The oiler

  4. Devon says:

    Which point of view is “The Open Boat?”
    A) Third Person
    B) Third Person Omniscient
    C) Third Person Limited Omniscient
    D) First Person

  5. Bailey Lincoln Bates says:

    In Naturalist liertaure this is exposed…

    A) the truth of what’s going on

    B) dark realities of life

    C) the author’s thoughts

    D) elements of romanticism

  6. Maddy Wilkie says:

    In “To Build a Fire”, the dog was given several human-like characteristics, such as “the dog was depressed”. This is an example of what?

    A. Imagery
    B. Anthromorphism
    C. Characterization
    D. Naturalism

  7. Kira jones says:

    Which of the following is common in short stories?

    Complex plot
    Few characters
    Both a and b

  8. Courtney Bush says:

    What is NOT a common theme of a naturalist short story?

    A. Fate Control

    B. Contemplation of the Universe

    C. Collective vs. Individual Good

    D. Embracing Humanity’s Primitive Nature

  9. Kosey Mitchell says:

    Which is a characteristic of short stories?

    A. Read in multiple sittings
    B. In multiple languages
    C. 7000-10,000 words long
    D. 10 or more characters

  10. Stifanny M. says:

    Fix this sentence:
    They should not procrasinate about doing there homework.

  11. Asten Bates says:

    Q: correct the sentence: SpongeBob SquarePants house is under the sea.
    a: SpongeBob SquarePants house is under the sea.
    b: SpongeBob Sqaurepants’s house is under the sea.
    c: SpongeBob Squarepants’ house is under the sea.
    d: SpongeBob Squarepantses house is under the sea.

  12. Chelsea Waggoner says:

    How many characters are in a short story?
    A. 8+
    B. 6 or less
    C. 2

  13. Matthew Leonard says:

    Which were is the correct where, we’re going to find out;
    Todd and Sally _____ going to the store. They didnt say ______ it is though.
    A) we’re, where
    B) where, were
    C) were, where
    D) were, were

  14. Bradley Fuston says:

    Who died in The Open Boat?
    A) The Captain
    B) The Cook
    C) The Correspondent
    D) The Oiler

  15. Nick laberee says:

    What item was the man on the island waving back to the men who were on the boat? 🌙🚣⛵️⚓️🗾
    A. A flag 🇮🇹
    B. A corndog 🐣
    C. A coat 💃 <- it's that one
    D. Dutch. ✌️😛🍼

  16. Alexandra Haynes says:

    What type of genre are short stories mostly told in?
    A. Nonfiction B. Science Fiction C. Mystery D. Romance

  17. Brittnie Anthony says:

    How did the crew personify fate in this story?
    A. They called it a bad name
    B. They referred to it as a she
    C. They called it captain
    The right answer is B

  18. Tyler garrett says:

    why was the oiler laying face down in the sand?
    A) he was dead
    B) he was thirsty
    C) he was resting
    D) he was dead

  19. Ronney says:

    What happened to the correspondent when swimming to the shore?

    1) He drowned
    2) He got stuck in a current
    3) He got eaten by a shark
    4) He got abducted by aliens

  20. Amanda says:

    What view point in ” The Open Boat” written in?
    A. First person
    B. Third person
    C. Third person limited omniscient
    D. Third person omniscient

  21. Tory Bennett says:

    What is a very common theme for short stories?
    A) Pride
    B) Rasicm
    C) Dystopia
    D) All of the above

  22. Alyssa Escobar says:

    What element(s) are in a short story?
    (Mark all that apply)

    A. Many emotions
    B. Simple plot
    C. Covers a short span of time
    D. Many characters

  23. Stephanie Drew says:

    What trait does a short story have?
    A. Many emotions
    B. Complex plot
    C. Few characters
    D. May cover many years

  24. David sapp says:

    Who from the four man crew died

    A. The captain
    B.The oiler
    C. The cook
    D.The correspondent

  25. Thomas says:

    • What is the typical maximum mount of characters in a short story?
    • Who is considered the “Father of the Short story”?
    • How does the author typically reveal back stories in a short story?

  26. Joshua sanders says:

    Question: correct the sentence:I’m not going to call him dad ever even if there’s a fire.
    A. I’m not gonna to call him dad ever even if theres a fire.
    B. I’m not going to call him dad ever;even if there is a fire.
    C. I’m not finna call him dad ever even if there’s a fire.
    D. I am not going to call him dad ever even if there’s a fire.

  27. Bryce says:

    What was used to speed up the ship?
    1) oars
    2) a jacket
    3) a human body
    4) 1 & 2

  28. Erric Chanthavong says:

    Which of the following is not included in the short story unit:

    A) Inevitable suffering

    B) Anthropomorphism

    C) Individuals not being important

    D) None of the above

  29. Dalton says:

    What happened to the oiler?
    A. He went on vacation in Vegas to see the mayweather v. Pacquiao fight
    B. He went hiking in the Swiss alps
    C. He died
    D. He joined wacka flacka’s presidency campaign

  30. Bailey Hamilton says:

    What is anthropomorphism?
    A.) Nature takes on a role, almost like a character.
    B.) Events are neither symbolic nor idealistic.
    C.) Animals may take on human-like characteristics and become characters in stories the way humans do.
    D.) Human misery and suffering are seen as inevitable.

  31. Max Prentice says:

    Who is considered the father of short stories?
    A) Stephen King
    B) Edgar Allen Poe
    C) Jack London
    D) None of the above

  32. Shawn Brainard says:

    Who does the crew question and challenge when bringing the boat to shore the first time?

    A) The Captain
    B) Fate
    C) Nature
    D) The Man waving his jacket

    B) Fate

  33. Steve says:

    What is the average length of a short story
    A. 12003 words
    B. 7000 words
    C. 6000 words
    D. 4000 words

  34. Ben Mason says:

    In “The Open Boat” , which of the men is injured?
    A) the cook
    B) the correspondent
    C) the captain
    D) the oiler

  35. Stifanny M. says:

    What the most common theme for science fiction short stories?

    a. Revenge
    b. Utopia
    c. Dystopia
    d. Romance

  36. Courtney Emerson says:

    How many words in a short story?

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