September 12, 2016

This assignment is called “Social Media Getting To Know You” and is available via our Google Classroom page. If you are having trouble logging on there, then complete your assignment on paper and turn it in the old-fashioned way. 😉

Below you will find four prompts. Respond to each of them, following the directions for each section carefully. Your responses to all four prompts should not take up more than one page.

  1. Twitter post. (DIRECTIONS: In no more than 140 characters, describe yourself. Remember that spaces count toward your allotted characters. Complete sentences are not necessary.)
  2. Instagram. (DIRECTIONS: In no more than 3-5 sentences, describe your favorite picture of yourself. This picture can be an actual picture that you have had taken, or it can be one that you imagine. Describe who you are with, if anyone; the setting you are in; you might also want to describe the light or filters used. Is the picture a selfie? Or did someone else take it?)
  3. Facebook. (DIRECTIONS: In no more than 3-5 sentences, describe your favorite moment/day/event from the summer as if friends, family and acquaintances would read it.)
  4. Blogger. (DIRECTIONS: In a well-developed paragraph of 8-10 sentences describe the biggest challenge from the past year. You can tell about a challenge you have overcome or one that is ongoing. If you would like, you could write about something you anticipate will be challenging as you enter into your senior year.)
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