October 29

As Unit 2 is wrapping up, some students are again ready for the mastery content portion. Students ready for mastery content have passed both unit quizzes with a 70% or better, have turned in all their prep work (2 homework assignments and 2 labs), and have done corrections on their quizzes.

The test is scheduled for November 4.

The first presentation contains information about stem cells–this unit’s mastery content area. There are slides for taking notes as well as links to helpful videos as students learn more about what stem cells are, their importance in certain types of research, and the controversy surrounding their use.

This next presentation is the one that all students took notes from during class. Use it here as a review:

This video is a quick overview of all parts of the cell. The presenter in this video speaks rather quickly, but it is still a great way to review.

October 1, 2015

Mastery Content

If you are visiting the blog any time over the next week it is probably because you are working on mastery content. Congratulations! This means you’ve turned in all homework, lab work and gotten above 70% on each of the three unit quizzes. This is great. This post will guide you through what is required to self-teach the last section of chapter two so that you can prepare to get an “A” on the test.

1. You will want to take notes on enzymes. You can find those here:

2. Work through the series of handouts in the packet. This can be done in class or at home. If there are page numbers or section numbers, they are referring to your biology textbook.

3.  There is a two-part lab testing for the presence of bromelin in various types of fruit. This can be done in Mrs. Morrow’s room (across the hall). Please read directions VERY carefully. Mrs. Petersen will be migrating between both classrooms. If you get confused, please do not bother Mrs. Morrow during her prep period. I will be more than happy to come assist you. Just be patient. Remember that lab work is better with a partner. Work together and help each other out. This lab will take TWO DAYS, though not the whole class period. (10/5 and 10/7). If you plan to do the lab, make sure that you are organized with your time.

4. The demonstration called “toothpickase” will be done in the regular classroom and will be available starting 10/3. Find a partner and pick up a kit from Mrs. Petersen.

5.  Keep in mind that you will also be accountable for the proficient information on the test also. To this end, it is important that you prepare for the exam using your study guide as well.

Additional helps: