December 16, 2015

There is a test Friday before the break. The test will be in three portions–photosynthesis and cell energy, cellular respiration and mastery work.

All students have a copy of the review for the proficient portion of the test, and many students picked up mastery work as well. This is the fun review we did together in class. Many of the questions are similar to the ones on the test:



December 14, 2015

Today students will start mastery work. There is a sheet of notes, a couple of sections of book work, and an activity students will do to complete mastery work. This presentation will go with the notes:


Here are also some videos that will help you to visualize what the electron transport chain looks like:

Students not quite ready for mastery work yet will be doing quiz retakes and make up work. Additionally, if they missed any of the notes, here are the two sections not previously posted:

December 1, 2015

Today we did our first notes for Unit 4. All student notes are in ONE packet for this unit, but each section is broken down into separate presentations. They will all be posted on the blog as they are done in class:

There is a quiz over this information on Thursday.

Some students may find the additional information and explanations in these videos useful: