March 15, 2017

Here are the first two sets of notes. The first, cell growth, is short, comprising only about one page of notes. The quiz over cell growth will be on Friday the 17th. The second presentation is about the cell cycle, with a strong emphasis on mitosis. We will spend several days reviewing these concepts for further understanding, with the quiz over this section not taking place until the Thursday before spring break.


March 7

This is the last section we studied in our current unit. Much of the mastery portion of the test will cover the content below. Take time to study and make sure your notes are complete.

Work on the test review also. We will do a brief Q & A on Thursday before the test if you have questions.

Also, watch this cool video on mutation:

Here is the test review game that we played:

February 21

New semester; new unit. We have been learning about DNA, which will be an important foundation for our entire semester. We have worked through notes on the two presentations below. Make sure you view the videos embedded in the presentations–they are very helpful! The DNA quiz was yesterday and the RNA quiz will be next Monday. Make sure you study. The last two topics of the unit–protein synthesis and mutation–are more difficult and will require excellent background knowledge from these two presentations in order to be successful.

January 30, 2017

The mastery content can be found in this presentation:

We did the first half together, but you are encouraged to do the rest on your own for the best test preparation.

Other mastery-focused materials are available in class. The test is 2/3/17 (Friday).

The ecosystem notes are also attached below:

January 13, 2017

Our schedule has been getting back to normal this week and we have started a new unit. This unit will carry us through to the end of the semester and into the final. Finals week has been moved back one week because of the bad weather. Please view the newly revised school calendar on the school’s website.

Here is the first two sections of notes (5.1 and 5.2). There is a quiz over these sections on Wednesday January 18th.