Tonight on NBC Nightly News, they ended with a story I had to share. As a way to honor and remember the victims of last week’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Ann Curry started a movement to commit random acts of kindness. After covering the story in Connecticut, Ms. Curry asked herself “What is the use of this national suffering? What can be done?” Using Twitter to get the word out, she put forth an idea: what if we each did an act of kindness for every child who lost his or her life in this tragedy?

Over the weekend, her idea quickly spread in creative and kind ways. People purchased gifts for kids in need. They paid for the person’s beverage in line behind them at Starbuck’s. One person sent Christmas cards to the first responders in Newtown. Staff in a Cleveland school set up a Wall of Kindness, for staff and students to share kind acts and words. From small gestures to big efforts, all are done in the spirit of goodness. Here’s a link to the story and more details:

PBIS Tip: For those of us who work in schools every day and for our students, events like Friday’s are particularly unsettling and hit home. Consider ways to incorporate acts of goodness as a way to lift spirits and spread kindness in memory of the victims. You might do this with a school-wide effort, in your classroom, or on your own. For school staff and students alike, doing good feels good.

Courtesy of Danielle Triplett
PBIS Coordinator, Gresham-Barlow School District