Have you ever noticed a sense of welcome when you enter some retail stores? Maybe it’s the layout, the music, or even the scent. At my local grocery store, there is someone positioned at the entrance who greets me every time I come in (which is pretty often). This greeter serves two purposes. One, it is intentionally inviting to customers like me; you feel welcome and know that help is there if you need it. A secondary benefit: it deters crime. My local grocery store has had its share of shoplifting, and having a person at the doors sends a message: we’re here, and we see you. In other words, we support positive behavior!

In their book Comprehensive Classroom Management: Creating Communities of Support and Solving Problems, Vern and Louise Jones emphasize the value of creating intentionally inviting school environments. “Teachers make many inviting comments to students. For example, teachers often greet students at the door, state how glad they are to see a student, and respond positively to the quality of student work. Some of this inviting behavior occurs unintentionally because teachers are positive people who care about their students. On other occasions, teachers consciously consider the impact of positive invitations and intentionally invite students to be positively involved in their classes.”

PBIS Tip: Make an effort to greet students at the door at least one day this week. Do this at the start of each day, the beginning of each class period, or after lunch or a break. You are extremely busy, and it can be challenging to make time to do this. Think about it this way: if it’s important, you’ll find a way; if not, you’ll find an excuse. I hope you’ll consider this important and worthwhile step to invite your students into your classroom and set a positive tone for the day!

Courtesy of Danielle Triplett, PBIS Coordinator
Gresham-Barlow School District

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