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Welcome to 6th grade at Prairie Mountain. I’d love for you to know a bit about me.  This is my 33nd year of teaching.  I graduated from the University of Washington, but living in Eugene for more than 20 years now has made me an avid Duck fan.

I’ve taught 2nd-8th grade and am totally honest when I say that 6th grade is my absolute favorite.  I love teaching math, but a secret about me is that I wasn’t a great math student when in school.  I stuck it out, however, didn’t give up, and feel now I have many tricks and techniques to share with students to help them in the areas I struggled with.  I love teaching science, too, and feel extra successful when students leave my classes committed to being good environmental stewards.

In my free time, I love spending time with my husband and our two daughters, although that isn’t as easy anymore. Our youngest is starting her sophomore year at Oregon State University and our oldest graduated from the UO and is living and working in San Diego.  They aren’t as close to home as I’d like, but I am beyond proud of the successful young women they are becoming.  I am a huge sports fan… going all the UO Football and Women Basketball games.  Both my daughters played soccer and basketball, so I am a recovering “soccer mom.”   I also love to hike, camp, garden and of course, I love to READ!!!.

I invite parents and families to visit, email or call.  Parent volunteers are needed throughout the year for field trips and class activities.  Schools are always a better place when we have a diversity of adults working together in the best interest of our students.   I look forward to seeing you soon!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Pam, I like your site. I stole one of your links, its the one listed as state test practice. That is an awesome site!


    • pbrandt says:

      I love the math site too. Unfortunately, it times you out after so many questions a day. I just went ahead bought the $10 a month access site to use with my daughter , Riley. Then, I have access to it at school and tend to use it on the overhead with students on their clickers. It works…

      • Kelly says:

        To post pictures from your iPhone, you have to get the free app from the app store. Just go to search and type in Word Press. Then you login and it is easy to post pictures. Try and and see if you can do it and then ask me if you have problems.

        Also, do you know how you added the topic specific links (like science) as drop down options? I would like to try it and see how it looks but I can’t figure it out.


        • pbrandt says:

          Select “add new” under the page tab in your dashboard. Name the link as you wish, then on the right side of the open window, select the “parent page you want to attach it to. (think of the parent page as the page under which you wan the link to appear as a drop down. Now scroll down the page to the “Link this page … option and paste the url address here. It won’t show up in on your blog until you publish it. Sometimes the style of your template is limiting. You might have to play around with your selection of a template until you find one that works the way you want. I’ll grab the link to Tim’s tutoring site and send it next.

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