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September 18, 2016

Dear Families,

I so enjoyed meeting several of you at Curriculum Night.  It was good to connect with you and talk about the nuts and bolts of first grade.

This week our homework starts in earnest.  Included in the homework folder for this week are the following:

*The small decodable book that matches the sound or sound combination that I am teaching that particular week.

*The recording sheet for the decodable books.  Please sign and date the space after your child has read the booklet to you.  The goal is for each child to read the booklet to his/her parent; however if it becomes too difficult please read the booklet to your child or switch off pages or ask your child to read the words he/she knows.  The recording sheet will stay in the homework folder until filled, then there will be a new one.

*On Monday there will be the high frequency words printed on yellow cardstock.  These are words that we are also working on in the classroom.  The idea here is for the student to cut them out and place them in an envelope or baggie and practice a small chunk each day. 

*Additionally on Monday there will be a parent math letter letting you know what we will be working on in math for that week. 

*And one more Monday piece—the RAH (Read at Home) sheet will come home on Monday.  All reading minutes count—you reading a story to your child, your child reading, reading homework, pleasure reading.  At certain benchmarks small rewards are given to students since our goal is read, read, read.

*There will be daily math homework.

Homework folders come home Monday through Thursday. Please send them back to school each day.  Students need to put their names on each paper.  Typically there is no folder homework on the weekend. 

For this week there is also a parent survey regarding your child.  This helps me to see your child through your eyes and get to know him/her better.  You can send it back to school via the homework folder.  I appreciate your input and perspective.   

I also have a blog that I communicate with parents.  Based on last year I post pictures, notices, upcoming events, classroom information and school information.  If you would like to subscribe please go to the Bethel website and follow these simple directions. 

Bethel.k12.or.us……………….click on schools………………….click on Prairie Mountain School……………………on the left are the staff web-sites…………click on my name Robin Hanson………………….on the right is where you enter your email address.  Presto!  You’re done!  Just so you know………..I plan to phase out the paper parent letters and just fly with the blog on the sooner side of things.   

Thanks for all you do to raise such kind and friendly firsters.  Take care and enjoy this changing weather as we slide into fall.

Warm Regards,

Robin Hanson


541/607-9849 ext. 28621st grade3

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