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Fall Field Trip to Dorris Ranch

Here are just a few of the pictures from our fall field trip to Dorris Ranch.  The operative word here was wet!  It rained from the time we got to the ranch until we got back to school.  And what did the weather do?  It stopped raining a few minutes after we got back to school and then a few minutes after that the sun came out.  As one of my lovelies said “Teacher, all of my parts are wet!”  Yes, we were all wet.  Rain and all, we had a great time.  Kids sorted beans, washed clothes, pumped water and then hauled it, swept out the cabin that in 1850 held two adults and six kids, played with toys that kids would have played with in the 1850’s, got to sit inside a Kalapuya plank house and got to sit in a re-creation of a wagon that brought most settlers to the west via the Oregon Trail.  Thank you Sylivia, Stephanie, Kristen, and Isabel for coming with us and helping to chaperone.  Enjoy these photos.

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Pictures from the Dorris Ranch field trip

Thank you Mommies for coming with us!

Click here to see more pictures from our fantastic field trip!

What fun!  We had so much fun on our fall field trip to Dorris Ranch.  The weather was perfect–a beautiful fall day for being outside.  We got to grind corn, sort beans, pump water, haul water, wash clothes, weed the garden, chop wood and shoot an arrow.  It was an amazing experience to be outside and getting an idea of what pioneer life was like here in Oregon over a 100 years ago.  We finished up our field trip with a lunch on site sitting at picnic tables with filbert trees all around us.  And yes, we had to share some of our lunch with a  couple of bees!

Thank you to Shannon Lloyd, Tara Freel, Shannon Spicer and Jodi Stausbaugh for coming with us.  We appreciate you taking time our of your busy day to pioneer with us.  And thank you PTO for funding our trip.
Click on the link above to enjoy more pictures from our trip.

Fall field trip to Dorris Ranch

covered wagonOur fall field trip is almost here.  Thursday is our day to visit Dorris Ranch.   We will be leaving on our yellow chariot at 8:30 AM.  Students will need to dress weather appropriate since we’re going rain or shine.  In addition students will need to bring a lunch and something to drink.  NO glass please.  In addition thank you to those of you who wish to volunteer and accompany us.  It is a trip filled with several hands on activities including hauling water, grinding corn, sweeping the cabin and washing clothes.  If you would like to accompany us please be reminded that you must have a volunteer application on file.  There are no exceptions. 

We will be crossing railroad tracks.  Oregon law states that school buses must come to a complete stop and the driver look and listen.  That means no talking from anyone on the bus.  We’ve been talking about this in class.  If you could have a conversation with your child reminding him/her of this and how important it is I would appreciate it.  At Prairie Mountain School we are safe, we are respectful and we do our personal best both at school and on field trips. 

Fall Field Trip

thUOVFL8MA covered wagonWe have scheduled our fall field trip to Dorris Ranch for Thursday, October 8, 2015.  Students will need a lunch with something to eat and something to drink.  NO glass please.  We plan to eat lunch there at the site in the barn.  We will be participating in the Pioneer Homestead: Life After the Trail theme.  Students will have the opportunity to grind grain, pump for water, haul water, weed the garden, and  wash clothes.  All those things kids never do at home! Students will need to dress appropriately for outside weather as we’re going rain or shine.  Our tour starts at 9:15 AM.  More information will soon be coming regarding our bus schedule.  In the meantime we will talking about following directions, listening, waiting for turns, being patient.  We welcome parents to come with us.  All parents must fill out a volunteer application form before going on the field trip.  There are no exceptions.  If you would like to come please send me a quick email and poof you’re on the list.  Please note that this field trip is for Prairie Mountain first grade students only.  No siblings please.


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