Lesson 25

Spelling Words

1. how
2. now
3. cow
4. owl
5. ouch
6. house
7. found
8. out
9. gown
10. town


My family and my school are in the city of Eugene.

The spelling test will be given on Friday or the last day of the week.

Animal Reports

We are busy writing animal reports.  Students chose an animal so we have students researching sea urchins, wolves, frogs, sea turtles, and bats.  Next we took notes from our book, and now we are writing the rough draft.  Still to come is the editing process and then our final copy.  Our report will include information on what our animal eats, habitat, and young.    A big thanks to Shannon for helping students find pieces of information.  Enjoy these pictures showing our work in progress. 

Animal reports1Animal reports2resizeAnimal reports3resizeAnimal reports5resizeAnimal reports4resizeAnimal reports6resizeAnimal reports7resizeAnimal reports8resize

March Art

March art 010resizeMarch art 009resizeMarch art 011resizeArt from March–yes belatedly but still beautiful none the less.  We celebrated Dr. Seuss, talked about Vincent Van Gogh and painted a flower watercolor and then celebrated all the wind in March with kites.  Enjoy these masterpieces! 

April PTO Meeting

string on fingerReminder:  There is a PTO meeting this Monday, April 11th in the elementary library beginning at 2:30 PM.  Come and hear about PTO events, meet the fifth grade teachers–Ms. Dorris, Ms. Kirk and Mr. Mart; and  hear Mrs. Killen present on Playworks. 

Lesson 24

Spelling Words

1. soon
2. new
3. noon
4. zoo
5. boot
6. too
7. moon
8. blew
9. soup
10. you

The sun warms the soil on the earth and it is almost ready to plant.

The spelling test will be given on Friday or the last day of the week.

Lesson 23

Spelling Words

1. look
2. book
3. good
4. hook
5. brook
6. took
7. foot
8. shook
9. wood
10. hood


The father and the boy began to go to the house.

The spelling test will be given on Friday or the last day of the week.

Lesson 22

Spelling Words
1. her
2. fern
3. girl
4. sir
5. stir
6. bird
7. fur
8. hurl
9. turn
10. third


The young baby begins to follow until you stop walking.

The spelling test will be given on Friday or the last day of the week.

Enjoy these Spirit Week 2016 pictures–what a enthusiastic group of firsters!

Spirit Week 011resizeSpirit Week 012resizeSpirit Week 013resizeSpirit Week 014resizeSpirit Week 015resizeSpirit Week 016resizeSpirit Week 017resizeSpirit Week 019resizeSpirit Week 020resizeSpirit Week 021resizeSpirit Week 022resizeSpirit Week 023resizeSpirit Week 024resizeSpirit Week 028resizeSpirit Week 029resizeSpirit Week 031resizeSpirit Week 029resize Spirit Week 034resizeSpirit Week 032resizeSpirit Week 035resizeSpirit Week 036resizeSpirit Week 037resizeSpirit Week 039resizeSpirit Week 040resizeSpirit Week 041resizeSpirit Week 042resizeSpirit Week 043resizeSpirit Week 047resize

Finishing up our Weather science unit

Science resize1Science resize 3Science resizeScience resize4We just finished our science unit on Weather a week or two before Spring Break.  Here we are collecting data on what happens when we put a thermometer in hot water, cold water and mixed water.  We worked hard to make predictions, collect data, record our data and talk about what we have learned.  We love science! 



Lesson 21

Spelling Words
1. far
2. arm
3. yard
4. art
5. jar
6. bar
7. barn
8. bark
9. card
10. yarn


I sat by the  window at night while my mom told a silly story.

The spelling test will be given Friday or the last day of the week.


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