Thank you!

Hi Families, 

It’s odd to have to say goodbye digitally & not in person. This year was definitely different than most but I really appreciated getting to know your child and having the privilege of being their teacher. I learned so much from this class! Their resilience, respect for each other, willingness to help, forgive, & engage in difficult, tough topics is something I won’t forget. 

While there were challenges & bumps along the way,  I hope that every student (& family) will be able to recall the fun we had in class in person & virtually this year. 

Although it is still unknown for what school will look like in the fall, please keep in touch over the summer! Also know that students are always welcome to visit when we are back in the building. I’m just across the hall. 

Thank you again for this year.  Have a wonderful summer! 

  • Please check email for links to pictures & other resources.
  • All student work on Google Classroom will be returned with feedback if I saw evidence of student work by Friday. 

Final To -Dos:

  1. Return Chromebooks (times listed here)
  2. Complete End of Year Reflections (check email)
  3. Read about what September may look like here

Below are a few summer reading challenges if you like to participate.   Summer Reading Challenges:

  • Eugene Public Library has a fun reading bingo challenge with free raffles. Sign up here –> English / Spanish  
    • Download your bingo cards here –> English  / Spanish
  • Barnes & Nobles give one book away per student for completing their 8 book reading challenge!  Download the PDF –> English / Spanish



End of the Year Logistics

Hi Families, 

A few things as we wrap up the school year –

  • Google Classroom:  All student accounts will be reset on August 14th *[New date!] Please go in & download your child’s work or share to another Gmail account before then. Watch a video to show how to transfer student work.
  • ClassDojo: Please use this as a way to stay in touch over the summer. I will not archive the class until Sept. 1st
  • Chromebook Return: While it is still unknown about what school will be like in the fall, the Chromebooks need to be updated over the summer. 
    • Please return them to WHS on:
      • 6/15 -6/17 from 7:30 AM to 4 PM &  6/18 from Noon to 7 PM. 
  • Report cards: Will be mailed home the week of June 15th. They will also include reminder information about Online Registration, including your child’s Snapcode for Registration. 
  • iReady Math: Students will have access to their lessons until August 25th (All other digital resources like Freckle, Prodigy are available until Sept. 1st.)
  • Student Belongings:  Don’t forget to pick up your items at school!

Summer Reading Challenges:

  • Eugene Public Library has a fun reading bingo challenge with free raffles. Sign up here –> English / Spanish  
    • Download your bingo cards here –> English  / Spanish
  • Barnes & Nobles give one book away per student for completing their 8 book reading challenge!  Download the PDF –> English / Spanish

May 11-15 Distance Learning

Hi Families, 

I hope last week went well! I’ve been spending time reading over student work and I’m impressed by the thinking students are doing during this time! Students can see my comments if they open their own document. (check email for video)

You can also send pictures of student work via ClassDojo. 

Please note -Students & families’ well-being remain the top priority. Therefore, please do what is best for your student’s and family’s well-being. Let me know how I can help connect you to resources or anything else you need.  541-461-6421 ext. 2506

A few reminders about school at home – 

  • School at home should be a positive experience therefore, take breaks! 
  • Be creative!
  • Try not to go over 45-60 minutes on iReady math in a week
  • For a reminder of expectations for students right now –> Read here 

Thank you again for all that you are doing at home! I appreciate it and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything!!

May 4- 8 Distance Learning

Hi Families, 

We’re diving into another week of distance learning.  Students are getting comfortable with the format and I am continuing to include more videos to explain assignments & review skills.  Below is more information about:

  • Class Meetings
  • Office Hours 
  • Assignments in Google Classroom  

Please know that students & families’ well-being remain my priority. Therefore, please do what is best for your student’s and family’s well-being.  I am available to set up personal conferences & meetings. 

Class Meetings: This is one way to mark attendance for your student. Another way I am marking attendance is through the daily check-ins. I am mindful of students’ attention span & screen time therefore meetings at maximum are 30-35 minutes.  (Fun Friday may extend to 45 minutes depending on the games.)

  • Meeting #1 – Literacy centered and tied to the assignments of the week 
  • Meeting #2 – Math centered & tied to the math problems of the week
  • Fun Fridays – Games & will have guest speakers join us to discuss their careers, students will have opportunity to ask questions. 

Drop in Office Hours:  *OPTIONAL*  A time for students & families to ask questions, clarify assignments, I can also review concepts.  If you join us during these, I can count this towards attendance too. Drop in anytime. 

Assignments in Google Classroom: Your students have experience in navigating Google Classroom. 

Assignments are listed under Classwork then click on the week’s heading.

Students will need to watch the videos I have recorded before starting an assignment. 

Assignments are are under the week’s heading like this:

  • Check-Ins *Complete daily*
  • Reading/Writing/Social Studies/Art *Complete @ own pace*
    • This ONE document for all 5 days. Please have your student keep scrolling to find all 5 days. 
  • Math/Science *Complete @ own pace*
    • Math and Science each have ONE document for all 5 days. Please have your student keep scrolling to find all 5 days. 
  • Wellness/PE/Music *OPTIONAL*

Please complete check-ins every day.  Other assignments are to be completed at student’s own pace. I am providing comments and feedback on students’ work. There will be new assignments every week. Please also keep time frames in mind. 

If you are needing more activities for students check the Supplemental Activities here

In all of this, I want to re-emphasized that this current situation can cause a variety of emotions. Therefore, please do what is best for your student & family.   I am available to set up personal conferences & meetings. 

Thank you!

April 27-May 1 Distance Learning

Introduction to the Week Video (all other videos are in our Google Classroom)

  • Class Meetings – Students have requested smaller groups. So we’ll this schedule this week. Students may choose to come to Meeting A or B OR come to all! 

*Zoom Links & Passwords will be in emails AND Google Classroom. Class Dojo will have meeting reminders.

Must dos for students:

  • Attend a class meeting
  • Complete daily check-in (in Google Classroom)
  • Work on assignments @ own pace (in Google Classroom)
    • More videos will be posted in Google Classroom

4/20/2020 -Distance Learning (Peek at the Week)

Hi Families!

First of all, thank you so much for your patience and checking in about students assignments. I appreciate everything you are all doing! This is different and a challenge. 

Distance Learning begins this week. We will be using Google Classroom to stay organized.  Click here for a Tech Guide for Families. (Spanish & Vietnamese versions are coming!) [Check ClassDojo for Tech Guide Video]

To complete each day:

  • Student Daily Check-in
  • Join Class Meetings (Mondays & Wednesdays)
  • Join office hours if you have questions or want to hang out! (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

To complete on OWN time & pace: 

  • Assignments  – Assignments do not have a due date. Each week, there will be 5 days of assignments. Go at your own pace.  


Intro to Zoom

Good morning!
I found a video that walks families through setting up Zoom. It’s not perfect but gives a preview.
Anything after 3:35 in the video does not apply to us.

A few things to note:

  1. It is NOT required to set up a Zoom account. Zoom WORKS in web browsers.
  2. If you watch the entire video:
    1. Chat will not be enabled until I’ve had a chance to discuss with students on expectations.
    2. At this time, Screen share is NOT an option for our class.*Links & passwords to meetings will be coming later this afternoon/evening in ClassDojo private messages or email. 

As we get going with distance learning – would a parent/guardian zoom meeting / walk through all the different tech components be helpful? Please let me know! 

Virtual Class Meetings – April 13 -17, 2020

Hi Families, 

Here is what will be happening next week – April 13-17, 2020

Students will:

  • continue to work on the supplemental activities here
  • continue to work on math lessons in iReady
  • continue to work on ELA or Math in Freckle
  • *NEW* EPIC is a reading site with lots of new books for students to read 
    • ClassDojo message or email me for the code
    • Student login is first name & cubby number
  • *NEW* Zoom into a small group class meeting

Zoom Meetings We are meeting in small groups next week so that all students can learn how to use the technology and get a little time to chat with friends. Each group has two scheduled times next week. Students & families may choose to attend one or both. 

Zoom is free and our district has taken all measures to ensure that students & families will be safe while using it. With that, I ask that families and students please read this before your first meeting.

  •  introduction to Zoom for our class  (Spanish & Vietnamese translations are coming!)
  • I will be letting families & students know which group they’re in via ClassDojo or email. 
  • I can be contacted by phone (ext. 2506), email or ClassDojo if you have any questions. 

I appreciate your patience as I work this out. I will be sending out more information on what distance learning will look like for elementary & specifically our class when I have more clarification. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me & stay safe!

Updates for April 7-10, 2020

Hi Families, 

THANK YOU for being patience as we try to figure how best to support ALL families in distance learning.

Apologies for this long post but there is a lot of information to share! Here’s an overview so you can scroll down. 

  1. What is happening April 7-10, 2020 ( & Supplemental activities link)
  2. Ways to contact me
  3. Distance Learning 
  4. Technology help
  5. Health Center contact
  6. Malabon update & video to families

Here is what is happening this week – April 6-10, 2020:

  • The supplemental activities that I called about last week are being mailed home for all elementary & middle families.
  • If you were needing art materials – those are on the way
  • I will be calling again this week to:   
    1. Clarify your internet access & devices available at home*
    2. Check-in with students

    ****There are limited Chromebooks available & help with internet service.

    Ways to contact me: As of now, email & ClassDojo works best. I am working on connecting my school phone to my personal phone and will update.   Please contact me if you have any questions or need anything. I can help navigate through technology too. 

    Distance Learning: Details are still being worked out but I would like to start with a class meeting next week so students can check in with each other. 

Technology Help: Our district is also available for tech support in English & Spanish – Call– 541-607-1450 – or submit a Help Desk ticket –

Health Center Contact: 

The Bethel Health Center now offers Telehealth. Access physical and mental healthcare from your computer, phone, or tablet. Call (541) 607-1430 for more information.

El Centro de Salud De Bethel Ahora Ofrece Telesalud. Acceda a la atención salud física y mental desde su computadora, teléfono, tableta. Llame al (541) 607-1430 para más información.

Malabon update & video for families: 

The priority is always families’ and students’ well-being. Please take care of yourselves and contact me about any questions/concerns.

Motor Wave, Updates & Home Resources

Hi Families, 

It has been wonderful being able to connect with you and students. Thank you for taking the time to talk. I appreciate it.! If you haven’t gotten a phone call yet -I’ll be calling this afternoon! Please look out for a call from a ID Blocked or Restricted. 

Change to Distance Learning:  Please read Superintendent Parra’s message here.  There is still a lot of unknowns however, please email or message me your questions. I will bring them up to our admin team. I appreciate any parent/guardian perspectives!

In the last couple of weeks, there have been so many changes! Please let me know if you need anything. I am currently gathering up resources to share. My intent is for you and your family to use if you find it helpful. I don’t mean to overstep. I hope that everyone is taking care of each other and themselves!  Below is a family self care checklist that another educator shared. I would love to hear some of your ideas for taking care during this time.  Thank you and again, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything!! 

Friday, April 3 starting at 1:00pm – Malabon Motor Wave: Wave to your teachers & Malabon staff! Check out the map & route here (Please remember to practice social distancing!)