Peek at the Week 2/17

Hi Families, 

It’s another short week but we are working on quite few projects such as fractions, finishing informational essays & time-lining the history of Oregon. 

Friday, February 21, 2020 – International Mother Language Day

In our class, many students speak another language besides English at home. We try to incorporate and  highlight this whenever we can. 

On Friday, we’ll be pairing up with our 1st grade buddies to learn a little bit of Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, French, and Spanish.  It should be fun morning!

Peek at the Week 2/10


Hi Families, 

I will be out this Tuesday & Wednesday for training/district work. This will be the last full days that I’ll be out for a few weeks. 

We are in the middle of our informational essays. The hope is to finish them this week and transition into persuasive essays next week.

Friday is the 100th day of school so we will be celebrating that with our 1st grade buddies. Friday is also Oregon’s birthday so we’ll be creating an Oregon timeline that we will revisit after spring break. Should be a really fun day! If you have any 100 day activities that you would like to share – please let me know! 

Peace Jam Conference – Sat. Feb. 29th  8:00 am -2:30 pm

  • See more information here
  • I will be registering students as a group on Friday 2/14. Paper registration forms will be given students on Monday. Please return by Thurs. 2/13
  • A bus has been arranged for the 29th. We will leave from Malabon at 8am. Return to school by 2:30pm. Parents/Guardians are welcome to join us. 

Peek at the Week 2/3

Hi Families, 

Our school is launching a kindness campaign for February. Check out the calendar here.

Special Guests this week!

  • Thursday – Oregon Kid Governor visit 1-2  pm
  • Friday – Senator James Manning visit 1-2 pm
    Families are welcome to join us!

Head Lice – It is circulating in our classroom. A information sheet went home today. Please remind your child to:

  • take care of their jackets, hats
  • don’t share hats & other clothing
  • keep from playing with each other’s hair

At this time, I will be asking students to not bring their stuffies to school until further notice. Thank you!


Peek at the Week 1/27

Hi Families, 

This is another short week for students. Friday is a curriculum development day for teachers. I will be out this Thursday & Monday 2/3 as a part of my other role for our school district. 

Spelling – The way we have been doing spelling is different.  Instead of receiving a list of words, students are given a dictation (dictado) on Monday to write. We then correct it and they have opportunities throughout the week to practice in partners or independently. They then are accessed on it at the end of the week. 

Spelling dictados help place words into context, has students learning & practicing a variety of sentence structures and paying attention to capitals & punctuation. My spelling dictados often will teach students about a topic as well.  *If your student goes to Mr. Peterson for writing, they have their own spelling words. 

A progress report   is coming home in this week’s Tuesday folders.  To see the dictados we are doing –> Spelling Dictados


Peek at the Week – 1/20

Hi Families!

I hope you are enjoying the extra day.

This week, we’ll be learning about the impacts that natural disasters have on our world. Students will be responsible for researching a specific disaster (ex. Hurricane Maria).

Winter testing begins this week. Students are welcome to bring in their own headphones to use if they like. 

Reading Homework questions here

Gum & Food in the Classroom

Hi Families, 

A couple of quick reminders for students:

  • Students are welcome to bring in their own snacks from home but may not share with peers. Please also remember to take leftover snacks home at the end of the day.
  • Gum is not allowed in our classroom

Thank you for helping keep our classroom clean so that we can continue to have snacks, treats & lunch in there! 

Peek at the Week 1/13

Hi Families, 

We’re continuing our research on natural disasters. Students will be beginning their own research this week! They did a great job learning & writing about hurricanes last week. 

A reminder that I will be out on Thursday & Friday. There was a scheduling issue so there will be two different guest teachers. I will be available via Class Dojo or email so please message me if anything comes up on those two days. Thank you! 

SpongeBob the Musical – Please return the permission slips ASAP. Payment for additional tickets and/or the $3 (if possible) is due on Jan. 21st. Checks can be made to Malabon (Please write in memo that it is for SpongeBob Musical/Hsieh 4th. – Thank you!) 

Reading Homework questions here

Welcome Back!/ Peek at January

Hi Families, 

Happy New Year! I’m excited to see everyone on Monday.  We have a couple projects that need to be finished this week. One is our family project. We’ll be making a collage as a part of the final project. If you have any old magazines that we can use, please send them in with your student. 

  • We’ll also be starting a new unit! It’s the natural disasters/climate unit – This unit consists of 2 parts.
    • Part 1: students will research about a natural disaster of their choice. Required assignments: an informational essay & illustration (Optional: build a diorama or display)
    • Part 2: research about the impacts of climate change                             Required assignments: take a stance & write a persuasive essay

We’ll hopefully be able to incorporate science experiments & guest speakers within this unit. 

SpongeBob the Musical – Please return the permission slips ASAP. Payment for additional tickets and/or the $3 (if possible) is due on Jan. 21st. Checks can be made to Malabon (Please write in memo that it is for SpongeBob Musical/Hsieh 4th. – Thank you!) 

Reading Homework questions here

Winter Break Reading & Activities

Hi Families, 

Here are recommended activities to do over winter break for students to return to school ready to learn. Math games, login information & reading log are all coming home with students today. (Look for brightly colored packet!)

  • At least 20 minutes every day
    • Read & keep track on reading log 
    • Practice multiplication facts by playing one of the math games
  • At least twice a week – 15 minutes 
    • Practice typing on
    • Practice math skills (iReady – green lessons) 

Enjoy the break! See you on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020! 

Peek at the Week – 12/16

Hi Families, 

This week we’ll be focusing on consent, body boundaries, when things need to be shared and safety networks. I’ll be using our Second Step curriculum – More information here:  Second Steps (code: CPU4  FAMI LYG4)   and reading the book, Let’s Talk about Body Boundaries, Consent & Respect by Jayneen Sanders.

Additionally, we have a school-wide focus on kindness this week. With that, in class, we’ll be focusing on changing our perspectives – not making assumptions about others or overgeneralizing an action. I also hope to start a conversation about the impact of rumors and gossip. 

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.