Peek at the Week -3/12

Hi Families, 

It’s another 4 day week! Few things for this week:

  • Scholastic Books – Last day to turn in orders to me or online is Thursday!  Class code is: NJLW2
  • Wednesday is π Day! We’ll be spending the day exploring π and of course eating some yummy pie. I’m also hoping to have a π competition to see how many numbers of π students can recite. I’m sending home the π paper today. 
  • Wednesday is also the day of a student-led walkout for awareness about school safety. Please read the note from Mrs. Spence here.  

A note about spelling – In order to also have more practice with grammar and punctuation, I am trying out a different way to have students practice spelling. At the beginning of the week, I’ll be reading a short paragraph that includes some of the week’s spelling & vocabulary words. We correct it then students have all week to practice that paragraph. They hear the same paragraph again on Friday with one new sentence. This hopefully will help students pay attention to grammar and punctuation in addition to spelling.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions. 

Our first field trip is on April 6th. If you are interested in being a chaperone for this trip, please complete the Bethel Volunteer form asap! It takes about 2 weeks to process. I am also happy to check if you are not sure if you have completed the form or if it has expired since the clearance only lasts for a few years. 

Peek at the Week -3/5

Hi Families, 

Thank you for bringing in snack. The class is enjoying them a lot and it’s keep us going until lunchtime! 

Here’s what’s going on for the week: 

Reading Homework –> here


Peek at the Week – 2/26

Hi Families, 

We’ll be wrapping up our Olympics this week. However, the Paralympics are coming up so we’ll be visiting the games again.  

For this week, we’ll be continuing our discussion from Friday (see ClassStory) and how our voices can be heard. 


Read Across America/ Dr. Seuss Week 2.26-3.2

Hi Families, 

While students don’t have school on March 2nd – we’ll still be celebrating how fun reading is!

Monday 2/26: “Cat in the Hat” Day – Wear a fun hat!

Tuesday 2/27: “Oh The Places You Will Go”—Wear something that represents your future career. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Wednesday 2/28: “Wacky Wednesday” Day – Wear wacky clothes and hair!

Thursday 3/1:  Spring Picture Day “Fox in Socks” Day – Wear silly socks!

Friday 3/2: No School, Teacher Inservice Day  However, join us for a Dr. Seuss Celebration sponsored by our PTO and the Bethel Family Resource Center. 6:00-7:30pm in Malabon’s Auxiliary Gym. Reading and Art Activities for ages Pre-K through 5th Grade.

Peek at the Week – 2/19

Hi Families, 

We’re continuing to track the Winter Olympics and earning our own medals. We’ll start the week with our 100th day celebration with our kinder and 1st grade buddies. Students are invited to dress up as a centenarian or come with 100 of something on a hat or cape. 

Reading Homework here.

100th Day Celebration!

Hi Families,  

The 100th day of school is on Tuesday, February 20th.  Our celebration will be on February 20 from 1 – 2 PM. Our class will be joining in and helping our buddies with the celebration activities. 

Although, there is already an extracurricular activity happening at the same time, the students who participate in the extracurricular activity are invited to stay and participate in our school specific celebration. Please let me know of the change for the day. 

OPTIONAL:  On Tuesday, students can dress up as though they are 100 years old or to come to school wearing something with 100 items on it (Example: a cape with 100 dots.). Please remember to wear proper shoes as we’ll still have outdoor recess. 




Peek at the Week – 2/12

Hi Families, 

I’m pretty excited for this week although last week was pretty exciting with s’mores and slime! (Please remind students to keep their slime at home!)

All the teams have been racking up a ton of medals in class. I hope everyone keeps up the great work. We’ll be watching some Olympic coverage as we learn more about the Winter Olympics. We’ll also get to “try” out a few of the sports!

This week we’ll also be focusing a lot on our beautiful state as Oregon’s birthday is on Wednesday. Get ready for an Oregon themed day!

Valentine’s Day Reminders

1. With the focus on caring for others and friendship, we’ll be meeting with our 1st grade buddies for an art project. (Wear clothes that are okay to get painted on!)

2. OPTIONAL:  Students may bring in cards for everyone. There are currently 37 students in our class. Please do not include candy. Class lists will be given on Monday.

Reading Homework here.

Peek at the Week – 2/5

Thank you so much to all the parents who helped cut medals last week!!!! I still have more to cut, let me know if you can help and I’ll send a baggie home with your student. 

Needing some more help this week – the class earned their marble rewards: making s’mores and making slime.  I will need some assistance on Thursday 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (s’mores) and Friday 1:00 – 2:00 pm (making slime). Let me know if you are interested in joining us!

This week, we are also taking some time to re-evaluate our classroom, what it means to have a safe space classroom and how to work together as a class team. We had some great teamwork last week which is how we earned our rewards and I hope this continues!

Reading Homework – Questions 

Peek at the Week – 1/29

Hi Families, 

We are getting ready to start our own Winter Olympics on Thursday with an opening ceremony! Teams have chosen a name and designed their flag. 

Here are our main events that we’ll be competing in with a chance to earn medals:

  • Speed Skating (Fastest team to have eyes on speaker.)
  • Bobsleigh (Straight lines to transition)
  • Cross Country Skiing (Navigating through our school from one place to another safely.)
  • Figure Skating (Neat tables)
  • Curling (Floor sweep – all big items off the floor so our room can be vacuumed.)

I’ll be throwing in other events as we get further into our games. Additionally, we’ll be reading about the PyeongChang Olympics, tracking the actual medal count and possibly watching clips of events. We hopefully will have a chance to do some science around Olympic events too. Should be an exciting February!!  

I do need some help with cutting and getting medals ready. Please let me know if you can and want to help. Anytime Wednesday or Thursday would be super helpful!!

Peek at the Week – 1/22

Hi Families,

Our goal this week is to work on listening with attention.  Ask your child what listening with attention means!

We are continuing with natural disaster research. If your child would like to research at home, click here

Homework – We are still reading 20 minutes a night and answering a response question. In addition, please have your child work on their multiplication facts. I can send home flash cards.