Winter Break Homework

Hi Families, 

Winter Break homework is to read & write about reading. Students are working towards a hot chocolate or cider celebration when we return. The minimum amount of reading is 100 minutes with written responses. 

Here is a copy of their reading packet:  Winter Break Reading Packet

And here are some other goodies that students could earn for: 





Additionally, students could play Front Row or Prodigy over break. 

Finally, chess club will be starting on Jan. 4th. Please let me know if your child is interested and I will send the permission slip & contract information. Have a wonderful holidays & see you on Jan. 2nd!

Prodigy Math

Hi Families, 

Today, I introduced a new math game for students to play. While I don’t want students to spend all their time in front of a screen, some of their screen time could be playing this game. 

Prodigy Math is a fun interactive way to practice math.  Learn more here:

Feel free to dojo message me for login information if your child forgot their login!

Peek at the Week – 12/11


Thank you for taking the time to meet last week! It was wonderful to connect with everyone. Please continue to email, dojo message me or call should anything arise. I hope to keep the conversations going as the year progresses. 

I had provided a brief explanation of how students are being graded this year – head over to this link to learn more/reminders: Standards Based Grading. I also included what does Reading Literature or Informational mean in our class. 

This week, we are working on earning snowflakes for a class reward. The idea is to spread kindness throughout our classroom & school. 

I’ll be sending home more information about the winter break reading challenge later this week. 

Reading Homework Questions here: Reading Response Questions of the Week

Conferences Week 12/4

Hi Families, 

It’s conferences week. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and having a conversation with you and your child. 

Your child will be facilitating their conferences this year. I’m having students do this because I believe that they are in charge of their own learning. Therefore, I hope that by having them facilitate you’ll be able to hear their perspective on their progress so far this year. 

Homework – Reading Response Questions 



Tool for Parents/Guardians

Hi Families, 

I want to let you know of an awesome tool that you can use to stay informed about the latest technology and media.  It’s called Common Sense Media. 

It provides information about movies, music, video games, apps, TV shows, etc and lets you know of which age groups they’re appropriate for. 

 I like using it to get more information about the games the students are telling me about and also how to incorporate lessons on making sure students are safe while using the web.  I’ll be using some of their tools to teach about digital citizenship in January. 

Peek at the Week – 11/27

Dear Families, 

We’re wrapping up the first term in 4th grade and students will be putting together their portfolio of their work to show you at conferences! More information about how conferences will look next week!

*Conference times were sent home last Tuesday. I’ll also send them via Dojo message today. Please let me know ASAP if your conference time needs to be rescheduled. I only have a couple of open spots otherwise, the schedule is completely full. 

Here’s what we have coming up this week:


Peek at the Week -11/20 & Reading Challenge

It’s a super short week but still very busy with lots of fun activities. 

Thanksgiving Break Reading Challenge:  Students will be receiving a reading game board with various rewards for their reading minutes. The challenge is to read at least 60 minutes over the break, log it and write summaries.  See the reading challenge here.

Scholastic Book Orders

Hi Families, 

Scholastic Book order forms were given to students last week. This was before I realized that we would be having a school wide book fair. Apologies for the confusion! 

Anyways, if you and your child would like to place a book order that would help our class library – there are two ways to do so:

  • Turn in the order form with a check made out to Scholastic and I will mail it for you (Cash is okay too, I’ll make sure to give your student a written receipt.) 
  • Place the order online. Our class code is: NJLW2

I’ll be placing the orders on Monday, Nov. 27th.  Thank you for encouraging your child to be a lifelong reader!

Peek at the Week – 11/13

Dear Families, 

We are doing a little bit of catch up after our fire incident last week. Therefore, we are still finishing collages and will hopefully get to some computer coding this week! 

Additionally, we are starting The Great Pencil Challenge!  Pencils have been disappearing into desks, or being snapped in half, or the erasers have been picked off at fast rate. Therefore, the challenge for students will be to keep their 3 pencils (which have their number on it) for as a long as possible before needing new ones.

We’ll also be reviewing the expectation of respecting those around you and respecting classroom materials in hopes of keeping granola out of our book shelves and storage shelves. Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated!!



Finally, the results are in and this is what the class voted for on their marble jar class rewards:

  • 1/4 full: Art project
  • 1/2 full: No homework for one night
  • 3/4 full: S’mores
  • 4/4 full: Make slime in class

We have made it to the 1/4 mark and therefore will be doing a couple art projects on Friday afternoon from 1-2pm. I will need 3 volunteers please. (Please dojo or email me.)

Lastly, a Tuesday folder look for: Parent Teacher Conferences sign up sheet. Conferences are on Wed. Dec. 6, 4-8pm and Thurs. Dec. 7, 1-8pm.  I will try to send a dojo message earlier that day and feel free to reply to that. I will do my best to schedule you in at your preferred times.