Class Dojo & Growth Mindset

We’ll be using Class Dojo to help track student progress. This is an example list of the behaviors students will be working on. Students receive a positive point for positive behaviors and negative points for negative behaviors (red).  Students will not receive a red point until the third warning. Class Dojo has updated to include a zero point which I will be using as 1st and 2nd warnings.  Points will be reset to zero every day.


Additionally in our classroom, we are working on having a growth mindset. That is to always approach challenges with a positive attitude and to encourage oneself. Here are some examples:

Fixed Mindset: “This is too hard!”  –> Growth Mindset: “I will use the strategies I learned and try!”

“Fixed Mindset: “I’ll never be as smart as the others.” –> Growth Mindset: I’m going to figure out what the others did and try it!”

Class Dojo has a wonderful video series about Growth Mindset that can be found here: Class Dojo Growth Mindset Videos.