SOTM: September 2011

Thomas GariepyThomas Gariepy – General Biology

This high flying freshman was chosen because of the hard work he has exhibited right from the start of the year. He has one of the highest biology grades so far and performed well on our first test. His willingness to work, interest in the subject, and positive attitude will allow Thomas to be successful as he moves through the remainder of his high school career and beyond.

The Plasma Membrane and Cell Transport

Let us start by looking at a static picture of the membrane structure.

The following video is looking at the structure of the plasma membrane.

The following video is a good example of cellular transport. It looks at diffusion, fascilitated diffusion (what the video calls fascilitated transport)

A good description of osmosis, diffusion, fascilitated diffusion, and active transport.

Organelle Pamphlets Due Nov. 16th (Test Day!)

Don’t forget that Organelle Pamphlets are due on Wednesday November 16th. They should be colorful and include all of the information we covered in the organelle handout. The more slick the design and detailed the information, the better the grade.

Also the test follows on the heels of this assignment. We will finish the Cancer Notes and review for the test. If you need help reviewing I encourage you to use the videos posted here in the blog. Go to Biology and look for the subject you are needing help on.

Good Luck!