We have now started watching The Botany of Desire. Today we watched the Introduction and the section on Sweetness (which focuses on the apple). Some of the clips are available at the following link:

The following is a line graph similar to the second one you created in our Sweetness Lab.

The following link is to an article on the science of how we detect sweetness
Diverse tastes: Genetics of sweet and bitter perception

History of Evolutionary Thought

The following video shows the major steps in evolutionary thought. It goes beyond what we covered in class to give a more complete picture, but to my estimation it has one flaw… it is missing Malthus.

The following is a clip on the work of Thomas Malthus.

The following clip is on The Impact of Evolutionary Thought on the Social Sciences. It is about 48 minutes, but interesting to think about and how this relates to what we had discussed in bioethics:

The History of Agriculture

Here is a video clip on the development of agriculture.

Agriculture has changed since its advent since it has included the use of animal husbandry and technology. If you would like more information on the history of agriculture, you may want to visit the following links:

These two clips look at the Neolithic Revolution

The next two clips look at the origins of agriculture from an archaeological perspective.

This is an interesting clip from Monsanto Corp.

This is a history clip looking at American expansion and it includes the impact of agriculuture

SOTM: March 2012

Bailey Lincoln Bates – General Biology

This freshman was chosen because of the hard work she has exhibited. She has one of the highest biology grades and performed well on our tests. She is a good team player and asks good questions. She is always willing to work hard and shows interest in the subject. She was able to perform well even while missing classes for athletics. These traits combined with her positive attitude will allow Bailey to be successful as she continues through high school and beyond. Hopefully her future will include more sciences.