Newton’s Laws Test Monday!

Thank you for your work on the bottle rockets. Your angles are included here: Bottle Rocket Angles Fall 2015. Remember that in order to calculate the height we are going to use tangent.


To calculate use your angle as theta. The adjacent measurement is 50 feet. I would like you to convert the distances into meters using dimensional analysis.

I have also included the Unit Review for you to access should you need to: Newton’s Laws Review. I plan on trying to complete a key by Sunday night, so work on it and we will try an answer some before the exam as well. I have included some videos to try and help support as well.

Newton’s First Law of Motion (Khan Academy)

Newton’s Second Law of Motion (Khan Academy)

Newton’s Third Law of Motion (Khan Academy)

Newton’s Laws Practice Problems

Lastly I have included the videos on Newton’s Laws and Football I showed in class: