Waves Review

Here is the Waves Review (Key), sorry it took so long to get up. The videos below are the ones from the presentations in class.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse

Breaking a glass with Resonance

HALOsonic Road Noise Cancellation Solution

Doppler Effect (Big Bang Theory)

Supersonic Flight & Sonic Boom

The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes (Ben Underwood – Echolocation)

Scientists “See” Ocean Floor (Sonar)

The Anatomy & Physiology of Vision (Crash Course)

Incandescent, CFL, & LED Lights

What is Light Made of?

What is Light?

Introduction to the EM Spectrum

Mysterious Objects @ the Edge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

What is Color?

How Does Colorblindness Works

What it’s like to be colorblind (Buzzfeed)

Braintest: Are you colorblind?

Is your red the same as my red? (VSauce)

Additive Color

Subtractive Color

How Rainbows Form

Fundamentals of Diamond Clarity

What’s Beyond the Double Slit Experiment?

Polarization of Light

Laser History & Development

The Future of Holographic Technology

Microsoft Hololens

Hololens: What it’s really like

Mirages (Sixty Symbols)