Magnetism Review

Here is the Magnetism Review (key). I found a typo in numbers 35 and 36. It should have said transformer not transistor. A transistor is something very different and we did not cover it in class (I must have been tired as I finished this review). You’ll see it when you look through the key. The videos below are the ones from the presentations in class. Please email me questions. Best of luck.

Magnets: How Do They Work?

Earth’s Magnetism (NOT FROM OUR NOTES)

Understanding the Magnetic Sun

Electric Current and Magnetic Fields (NOT FROM OUR NOTES)

Magnetic Domains (NOT FROM OUR NOTES)

Paramagnetism v Diamagnetism (NOT FROM OUR NOTES)

Electromagnetic Induction: Definition & Variables the Affect Induction (NOT FROM OUR NOTES)

Electromagnetic Induction

Magnetism: Induction (NOT FROM OUR NOTES)

How an Induction Motor Works

How a Transformer Works

Electromagnetic Induction and Faraday’s Law

The LHC: How it Works

The Large Hadron Collider Explained

Speakers: Magnetism & Sound (NOT FROM NOTES)

Electricity Review

Here is the Electricity Review (Key). I found another typo. You’ll see it when you look through the key. The videos below are the ones from the presentations in class. Please email me questions. I will not be in on Monday as I will be at my brother’s wedding. Best of luck.

Brief Intro to Voltage, Current, and Power

AC vs. DC

Charging by Friction

Charging by Conduction

Charging by Induction

Top 10 Best Lightning Strikes

What is St. Elmo’s Fire

Electric Field: An Introduction

Electric Field: Calculating Charge and Direction

AC vs. DC

How to Survive a Lightning Strike

Shanghai Maglev

Superconductor Levitation

Kirchoff’s Loop Rule


Waves Review

Here is the Waves Review (Key), sorry it took so long to get up. The videos below are the ones from the presentations in class.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse

Breaking a glass with Resonance

HALOsonic Road Noise Cancellation Solution

Doppler Effect (Big Bang Theory)

Supersonic Flight & Sonic Boom

The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes (Ben Underwood – Echolocation)

Scientists “See” Ocean Floor (Sonar)

The Anatomy & Physiology of Vision (Crash Course)

Incandescent, CFL, & LED Lights

What is Light Made of?

What is Light?

Introduction to the EM Spectrum

Mysterious Objects @ the Edge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

What is Color?

How Does Colorblindness Works

What it’s like to be colorblind (Buzzfeed)

Braintest: Are you colorblind?

Is your red the same as my red? (VSauce)

Additive Color

Subtractive Color

How Rainbows Form

Fundamentals of Diamond Clarity

What’s Beyond the Double Slit Experiment?

Polarization of Light

Laser History & Development

The Future of Holographic Technology

Microsoft Hololens

Hololens: What it’s really like

Mirages (Sixty Symbols)

Matter & Thermodynamics Review

Here are the videos from the unit and the Matter & Thermodynamics Review (KEY) for the review we handed out today. The test is Tuesday March 1st!

Atomic Number, Mass Number, and Isotopes (Not the one I showed in class…)

Just How Small is an Atom?

Kinetic Molecular Theory of Matter

Describing the Invisible Properties of Gas

What is Plasma?

Bose-Einstein Condensate


Chaos & The Butterfly Effect

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Emergent Complexity

Brownian Motion

Momentum & Energy Exam 1/4/2016

First of all I’m sorry this is so late. I had mistakenly saved it as a draft rather than publishing it at the beginning of the break (thanks for the email Carina!). I am sorry for any inconvenience, but here is the key to the unit review: Energy & Momentum Review (Key).

Here are some videos to help you practice:

Momentum & Impulse:


Newton’s Laws Test Monday!

Thank you for your work on the bottle rockets. Your angles are included here: Bottle Rocket Angles Fall 2015. Remember that in order to calculate the height we are going to use tangent.


To calculate use your angle as theta. The adjacent measurement is 50 feet. I would like you to convert the distances into meters using dimensional analysis.

I have also included the Unit Review for you to access should you need to: Newton’s Laws Review. I plan on trying to complete a key by Sunday night, so work on it and we will try an answer some before the exam as well. I have included some videos to try and help support as well.

Newton’s First Law of Motion (Khan Academy)

Newton’s Second Law of Motion (Khan Academy)

Newton’s Third Law of Motion (Khan Academy)

Newton’s Laws Practice Problems

Lastly I have included the videos on Newton’s Laws and Football I showed in class:

Whirlybird Lab

Today we finished our Whirlybird Lab that has been ongoing for the last several classes. The results of today’s lab are included on the sheet linked below. Congratulations to Group 7 (Josh Beecher, Taylor Bridge-Eiler, Khylee Wiggins) for achieving the slowest and straightest combined flight. Well done to Group 6 (Jackson Brown, Jonas Fahrland, Garret Fierichs) as well having the most accurate whirlybird. Whirlybird Lab Performance

You should be starting to work on your lab report for the whirlybird lab. The handout distributed in class should give you the basic guidelines. You should ensure that you pay attention to detail, include all procedures, materials, and data analysis used during the lab. A digital copy of the guidelines are included below if you have misplaced yours. Lab Report Guidelines

You will turn in your lab report on our test day, but should be working on it each day including checking with me if you have any questions or concerns. Remember you should have 10 total whirlybirds. READ YOUR LAB CLOSELY to know EXACTLY what needs to be included with the lab report.