Nature of Physics

Just a reminder from today, you were to answer the following questions (HINT: Think of the Steps) and think about the quote below from Feynman.
1. How could the steps of the scientific method be applied to fixing a bicycle?

2. How might you apply the scientific method to choose which college to attend?

Richard Feynman“When I was younger, I thought science would make good things for everybody. It was obviously useful; it was good. During the war I worked on the atomic bomb. This result of science was obviously a very serious matter: It represented the destruction of people.
…After the war I was very worried about the bomb. I didn’t know what the future was going to look like, and I certainly wasn’t anywhere near sure that we would last until now. Therefore one question was: is there some evil involved in science?
Put another way, what is the value of the science I had dedicated myself to—the thing I loved—when I saw what terrible things it could do? It was a question I had to answer.” – Richard Feynman

Atomic Bomb

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