The Biology of Cancer

Cancer is a complicated disease…I wish I could say it was easy, but I think it is very important to start looking at and trying to impart as much understanding about the disease, how it works, and how it is treated, as possible. Some of the material here is beyond the scope of our class and the knowledge being taught and assessed in our class.

What is Cancer Animation

Understanding Cancer

An Academic Look At Cancer

Cancer Risk Factors

Factors Impacting Cancer Growth – The end of this video looks at one companies treatment of these factors and cancer (ignore the plug for the company)

Breast Cancer Cells Dividing

Camera on Cancer Research

Cell Division/Mitosis

Here is a quick overview of mitosis…it does not label the stages, but has a nice little movie at the end showing division actually taking place…

This next video labels the stages and shows a pretty cool (I think) computer simulation of the process.

Don’t forget the stages of the cell cycle:

    G1 Phase – Cell Growth
    S Phase – DNA Replication
    G2 Phase – DNA Checking & Preparation for Division
    M Phase (Mitosis)


I’ve updated this post to include an additional video covering the phases of mitosis and what happens.

Friday Nov. 4th: Onion Root Tip Lab

We will be starting our mitosis identification lab. Make sure you know the stages of Mitosis and that you know how to use a microscope (REMEMBER: actually using the microscope will be part of your cells test; focusing, centering, switching powers). If you need help with the process of getting a microscope focused in class, please ask before the review day.

When you are looking for the dividing cells, make sure you stay in the apical meristem (the primary location for cellular division in the root) and not in the root cap (which are more or less protective cells for the apical meristem).