Natural Selection

The following video is taken from Cosmos and explores the theory of natural selection.

The following video takes another look at natural selection’s mechanism. Now it is not always perfectly accurate, but it does a pretty good job of outlining the steps of how a trait can be “selected” by nature for passing on.

One more video going over the basics of evolution and natural selection:

One of the key things to keep in mind is our idea of fitness.

Fitness: the ability of an individual to survive and reproduce in its specific environment

Try to relate what is in the videos to the three tenants of evolution by natural selection:

  1. The Struggle for Existence
  2. Survival of the Fittest
  3. Descent With Modification

History of Evolutionary Thought

The following video shows the major steps in evolutionary thought. It goes beyond what we covered in class to give a more complete picture, but to my estimation it has one flaw… it is missing Malthus.

The following is a clip on the work of Thomas Malthus.

The following clip is on The Impact of Evolutionary Thought on the Social Sciences. It is about 48 minutes, but interesting to think about and how this relates to what we had discussed in bioethics: