It is here.

Watch the following video and use this slideshow to complete these notes which function as spiral notes 2.4. Also, complete the following worksheet on the Citizens United case.
Citizens United Reading

We watched the first segment of the following video.

We then viewed and discussed this slideshow. We took notes which are installment 2.2 of the spiral notes for unit 2.

We then went to the media center and completed the following political self-assessment.

Political Ideology Research1819 S2

Use this slideshow to take notes on lined paper. Use this worksheet for notes on the video at the end of the slideshow. Together, these notes and the worksheets will be spiral notes 2.3.

For the video, use the following link.

The topics are –

Electoral College Discussion Packet

Money and Politics Discussion Packet

Voter ID Discussion Packet

*Remember! – One page of notes is your entry ticket to the discussion. No notes – no discussion.


and complete these Election Process Notes . Take further notes from this election process slideshow as the first installment of your spiral notes for unit 2.

We watched from 8:50 to 18:10 of the following video.

Use this Equal Protection slideshow to create notes 1.6.

We did this 1st Amendment survey to start.

We then completed these notes from this civil liberties slideshow. These notes function as 1.4 in your spiral notes.

We then did this Decisions For a Fair Director worksheet.

The study guide is here.

You will turn in notes 1.1 through 1.6 on the day of the test.

1.1 – Forms of Government

1.2 – Principles of the Constitution

1.3 – Federalism from textbook

1.4 – Due Process

1.5 – Civil Liberties (Cloze Notes)

1.6 – Equal Protection

We watched the following video from 8:30 to 16:08.

We then took notes on this Due Process slideshow. These notes served as 1.4 in our spiral notes.

We did the second page of this 4th Ammendment worksheet.