With the weather, hopefully, calming down, we are getting back on track in classes.  In Language Arts, students have recently turned in their fear story projects, a major grade for the class.  In Social Studies, students have their pharaoh poster due today, the proof for Chapter 8, a major grade for the class.  Students who are missing either of these major assignments will be sent to homework club and called in during their 6th period Flex time, instead of going to clubs.  This is in order to ensure students complete the assignments and greatly improve their grades!  As always, students may also complete the assignments at home.

Students should have completed their fear story assignments.  To complete the requirements, students must turn in:

  • story planning packet
  • rough draft
  • review checklist
  • final draft

Students will have two more opportunities to edit and revise their stories before a final proof grade is submitted.

Health students were sent home yesterday with letters letting you know the details of the Planned Parenthood visits next week.  In case they misplaced it, here they are:

A representative from Planned Parenthood will be teaching three classes next week:

Monday, 10/19: Anatomy and Physiology of the Reproductive System

Tuesday, 10/20: Puberty

Wednesday, 10/21: HIV/ AIDs Prevention

If you would prefer your student not attend these sessions, please contact me or Dean Nussbaum to discuss any concerns or to excuse your student.  Students not attending will be in another teacher’s classroom completing an alternate assignment.

Stacie Ray (6th Grade Health): stacie.ray@bethel.k12.or.us

Dean Nussbaum (Assistant Principal): dean.nussbaum@bethel.k12.or.us


Students received progress grade reports during 7th period yesterday to bring home.  Please check in with your students to see these grade reports which show their grades for all classes as of Wednesday, October 14th.  If they misplaced the report, you may also log in to Home Access Center and see assignments and grades anytime.  If you have trouble logging in, contact the Cascade office for assistance.

Cave Wall 2.1Take a look at our cave wall in the hall!  Students had a great time creating their own cave art by hand (literally in some cases!)  Students used bamboo sticks, straws (to emulate using hollow bird bones), charcoal, chalk, paint, brushes, and their own fingers to get into the role of an ancient artist.  Ask your student about cave art and some of the theories social scientists have about why ancient man created these drawings. Handprints Deer 2 Turtle Caveman Modern Cave


thKids are in the kitchen!  This week we had our first cooking class with Miss Michaela, otherwise known as the “Food Hero.”  In a partnership with OSU Extension Service, we have the great opportunity to learn about nutrition and safe cooking each Thursday in Health class.  This week students made a vegetable frittata, measuring, whisking, and cooking in an electric skillet.  They did a great job, and even cleaned up afterwards!  Ask your student to take you to the grocery store so they can make this delicious breakfast for you.

9780030663512_lAs we begin our reading of Esperanza Rising, students will begin to have some reading assignments to complete at home.  Please be checking student planners and encouraging students to find a quiet time to complete their reading homework.

In preparation for reading this novel, we have completed a brief study of the history of Mexico and the situation between wealthy landowners and poor farmers in the early 1900’s.  If you or any family members have any historical knowledge or connections with Mexico, it would be wonderful to hear from you!  Leave a comment on this post below!

Because of the Language Arts work sample this week, homework will be adjusted to only include some vocabulary work, with no quiz on Friday.


Lascaux Cave Painting: Lascaux, France

Lascaux Cave Painting: Lascaux, France

We have completed our first chapter of study on geography.  The knowledge students have gained of the continents, oceans, and the five themes of geography will continue to build as we continue our study of each ancient civilization.  This week we will move into our study of early man, cave art, and the hunter-gatherer societies they first formed.  Don’t be surprised if students come home soon with a request to bring some unusual items to school, such as rocks, sticks, pine cones or even the bones from your chicken dinner!  We are planning to create some cave art paintings of our own, as authentically as possible.

This week in Language Arts classes we will be completing a district writing work sample.  This will serve as a baseline for students’ current writing skills.  Students will have a choice between an explanatory essay and an argumentative essay.  All students will respond to one of two writing prompts.  All work must be completed in class.  Students will write a rough draft, self-edit, then write a final draft in the work sample booklet.  If a student is working diligently and needs more than the provided class time, they may receive extra time during an elective class or extension class to complete their work sample.