Health/ Fitness

Health students were sent home yesterday with letters letting you know the details of the Planned Parenthood visits next week.  In case they misplaced it, here they are:

A representative from Planned Parenthood will be teaching three classes next week:

Monday, 10/19: Anatomy and Physiology of the Reproductive System

Tuesday, 10/20: Puberty

Wednesday, 10/21: HIV/ AIDs Prevention

If you would prefer your student not attend these sessions, please contact me or Dean Nussbaum to discuss any concerns or to excuse your student.  Students not attending will be in another teacher’s classroom completing an alternate assignment.

Stacie Ray (6th Grade Health):

Dean Nussbaum (Assistant Principal):


Students received progress grade reports during 7th period yesterday to bring home.  Please check in with your students to see these grade reports which show their grades for all classes as of Wednesday, October 14th.  If they misplaced the report, you may also log in to Home Access Center and see assignments and grades anytime.  If you have trouble logging in, contact the Cascade office for assistance.

thKids are in the kitchen!  This week we had our first cooking class with Miss Michaela, otherwise known as the “Food Hero.”  In a partnership with OSU Extension Service, we have the great opportunity to learn about nutrition and safe cooking each Thursday in Health class.  This week students made a vegetable frittata, measuring, whisking, and cooking in an electric skillet.  They did a great job, and even cleaned up afterwards!  Ask your student to take you to the grocery store so they can make this delicious breakfast for you.

6th grade Health students will be participating in fitness activities every Friday.  Students have been issued their own lock and locker for their fitness belongings in the locker room.  It is important for students to have appropriate clothes to use for Fitness Fridays.  Please make sure these clothes are being washed at least once per week.  If possible, it would be great for students to have an extra stick of deodorant for their locker room locker!

Part of each student’s grade will be based on their participation in Fitness Fridays.  If a student does not have their own clothes to wear, clothes will be provided for them to borrow for the class period.  However, if a student’s shoes are not safe for physical activity, they may have to sit out and this will affect their grade.  Please contact me if you have questions or concerns about Fitness Friday requirements.