Language Arts

Students should have completed their fear story assignments.  To complete the requirements, students must turn in:

  • story planning packet
  • rough draft
  • review checklist
  • final draft

Students will have two more opportunities to edit and revise their stories before a final proof grade is submitted.

Students received progress grade reports during 7th period yesterday to bring home.  Please check in with your students to see these grade reports which show their grades for all classes as of Wednesday, October 14th.  If they misplaced the report, you may also log in to Home Access Center and see assignments and grades anytime.  If you have trouble logging in, contact the Cascade office for assistance.

Because of the Language Arts work sample this week, homework will be adjusted to only include some vocabulary work, with no quiz on Friday.

This week in Language Arts classes we will be completing a district writing work sample.  This will serve as a baseline for students’ current writing skills.  Students will have a choice between an explanatory essay and an argumentative essay.  All students will respond to one of two writing prompts.  All work must be completed in class.  Students will write a rough draft, self-edit, then write a final draft in the work sample booklet.  If a student is working diligently and needs more than the provided class time, they may receive extra time during an elective class or extension class to complete their work sample.